Whipper Snapper


Derek Dorame knows how to whip it good, and damn if those whips aren’t looking good on those all-gum SPEEDBALL tires! Previous to today, Derek was the only dude with ‘em, but they’re officially out now, so grab you some!

Tall Fat Fork


If you a TALL BOY, you might need dat XL… WIDEMOUTH XL PITCHFORK that is. At 172mm, these extra long, wide-clearance forks were made specifically for boyz looking to run Charlie Crum’s new sig frame sans spacers or a standard frame with spacers for days. Either way, you’re looking at plenty of fork to put your stem on squarely and clearance to spare if you’re all about them fat tires.

Walli’s World


We got to spend a little QT with our main man Matt Walli when we were in Austin for Texas Toast last month and it reminded us that we were sitting on some snaps of him wailin’ on the trails. If Walli’s not wailin’, he’s probably wrenching or welding… in fact, its only a matter of time till we convince him to come lay beads for us in Santa Ana.



Maybe we should start calling him Magic Mike? After all, Hucker has managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to earn the Industry’s No. 1 Dirt Rider of the Year award three years running. A big shaka to our boy for killing it again in 2014… and taking out the Toast dirt comp too!

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