Here’s a recap of some of our dudes doing their things courtesy of the 2013 Photo Wrap-Ups that hit the web last week!

Hoder in Da House

Hot off the Press. Hoder Highs and BTM Frames

We have a hard time keeping Hoder’s ish in stock, but we just reupped on BTMs and HODER HIGHs if you’ve been itching to procure either. They’re both available in Black, Trans Sky, Trans Blue, Trans Red, Trans Green and Trans Gold and the BTM comes in Trans Fade too. Cop ‘em while you can kids!



It’s been awhile since we’ve made mention of the WTF frame and fork, so lets change that. Check the slideshow, watch this video explanation by the Dyl Dog and think about addin’ it to your arsenal. We just dropped the price of the frame and fork set to $399, so if you want a light strong setup for a steal, procure away!

Credence X DIG


Clint, Matty and Nutter took over a decent portion of DIG‘s new trails issue. We threw a few of the shots in a slideshow for you, but make sure you pick up the mag to read the whole article. We’re sending them out with web orders if you can’t get your paws on them anywhere else. And in other Credence news, Australia’s Jared Carter is now part of the crew… congrats Carter!

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