This is Not a Bar Promo


Charlie Crumlish is a man of many talents. His signature bar, the four-piece FU-BAR, just dropped and Charlie didn’t make a promo for it. He did however, chronicle and edit the crushing of some street while riding said bars. Good thing he didn’t make a bar promo, because we’re already sold out of the 10″ beasts in Flat Black and Gloss Clear (which means if your local shop is on it, they could already have ‘em). They’ll be out in Chrome soon and we’ll make some more.

Tire Fire!


Rubber side down… rubber the right way… how about the highly-anticipated arrival of some brand-spankin new S&M rubber? That’s right, the Mainline (trails), Speedball (street) and Trackmark (race) tires are finally here! They were designed to move fast, and they are, so if you want to get in on this first batch of goodness, you best get on it.

Gettin’ Dirrty at X


It’s not every day S&M has dudes in the X Games, nor is it the norm to have Van Homan as our man in the field sending back fotos… hence these shots of Clint Reynolds and Hucker riding practice in preparation for today’s Dirt Elimination round are sorta special. Good luck guys!

Seahawk Sesh


Ilya Pasumanskiy took these sweet shots of Hoder and friends in Seattle last weekend. Mike’s spending some time back home in the PNW, and from the looks of it, loving it.



Our man Craig has been out of commish with an ankle injury for a minute, but one look at his Insta and you’ll see that Mr. Passero is back in action on a prototype S&M sig frame — for now aptly called the CraigFU. He’s running some other #ShieldBMX classics, like a Challenger stem, Tuffman sprocket and Pitchfork XLTs, as well as a cushy Coxie seat, but we know its that purple kush CraigFU you guys really want to get a closer look at!

Treated like a Doormat


Howz about this awesome, American-made poly-vinyl Shield Floor Mat we just had made? These 3′ x 2′ puppies are 10 lbs., 1/4″ thick and sturdy as hell. Plus, they’re made from recycled plastic! If all that don’t get you to get your plastic out and purchase one while we got ‘em, we’re not sure what will.

Reynolds Wrap


Clint Reynolds wrappin’ his way around Round Rock park outside of Austin last week. Perhaps he’s gettin’ in a little cross-training before making his dirt debut at X next week? Photo: Stew Johnson

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