Happy New Beer!

This year was a good year. Hit the highights in the slideshow and we’ll catch you on the flipside!


Cymbal Hubguards Kick Ass

Fathead’s American adventure has come to a close… and now he’s back in the UK grinding castles with his Cymbal Hubguards (which of course come in Driveside, Front and Rear), but he did send back this little testimonial after testing our Made in USA guards complete with a kick ass endorsement by Matt Beringer. 


House Band

Lest you forget, we’ve joined forces with Revolt BMX, Evans Lager and Monster to bring you tonight’s Dia de los Muertos Jam! Live entertainment will be provided by our house band featuring Ryan Russell the Warranty Muscle, Fathead Barton-Holme, Spinny McKinney Von Weiner and everyone’s favorite BMXican, A.J. Anaya. No cover. 6-10 p.m. at 1300 S. Lyon Street, Santa Ana, CA. 


Fathead & Sharkbait

Jeff “Sharkbait” Robertson was sighted at The Building yesterday. It seems he’s migrated back to Cali and was hungry for some new bars. Because Fathead was on hand to help him, he not only scored a pair of the Englishman’s signature Fathead bars, but a complimentary, OSHA-approved fitting of them as well.


Our English lad Fathead survived Texas Toast and a subsequent drive from Austin to SoCal and is currently at S&M HQ building up his BTM. Ride UK just uploaded this edit of him riding rails and reading an Ankle Book (it’s gross) and we posted his High Fives on FB. We’re currently bracing for his impending USA meltdown. More soon…

The Latest Skinny on Fathead


Fathead, Hoder and Moeller living that front porch life in Austin. Somebody get these boys some sweet tea!

Ausome, Texas


Head over to rideUK to download this wallpaper of FATHEAD and then consider yourself warned… we’re importing Alex Barton-Holme to the U.S.A. and bringing him to Austin next week.

Fathead Comin’ Through


This here is an edit of the “Making Of” Fathead’s Albion interview. It’s a James Cox production, so you know it’s solid. Sweet shredding with some classic Fathead quips. Good shit.

Fat-headit x Albion


Alex “Fathead” Barton-Holme has his head in the new Albion, and is wrapping an edit up to accompany it. Love his work, so we’re looking forward to bringing more of it to you on Monday!

Fathead’s in Albion


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