Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read

Today is the day – Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read – the latest title in our infamous library of bicycle motocross movies, is out! We’ll be premiering the video in Riverside, CA at our 30 Year Party July 10 at 9pm. Charlie Crumlish crushed this one – shout out to the Tall Boy for the biking/filming/editing and the whole team for illustrating what having a blast on your bike looks like. If you can’t make the premiere, scoop it in the webstore and we’ll ship it to you Monday!


The Mikes’ Bikes

DIG caught up with our main men – Mike Hoder and Mike Hucker – while they were in New York a few weeks back, and they’ve got some snappy snaps of their respective BTM and HUCKER builds on their site. Bike Porn brought to you by our resident Magic Mikes you could say? Hucker also has a FEEBLE TALK interview over on RIDE you check out if you haven’t already.


Cock Hucker

Hucker is S&M through and through… from his HB / Sheep Hills roots to his ‘Ride whatever the hell you want and have fun doing it’ attitude. That’s why we decided to update the stickers on his signature frame to the classic Holmes Cock. The frame is available in Chrome, Retro Red, Retro Yellow and Matte Black… four great looking Cock Huckers if you ask us. Get your hands on one!



We got a Hucker Frame up for grab all you have to do is win this contest! Rules are:  1) It can’t be longer than than 30 seconds. 2) Must be posted on Instagram with the following hashtags #TheHuckoff & #Shieldbmx  3) First 100 entries will be considered! Get creative and have some fun out there!



Mound Up

Some of our main dudes have been doing big things on dirt mounds in recent days. Hucker and Co. unveiled this awesome Dirt Lab where the Mike “The Mad Scientist” Clark has been cookin’ up his moves for X Games in Austin this weekend. Meanwhile, Clint Reynolds and the Credence Crew were building and sessioning said X Games course. The Big Show goes down on Sunday, and with Mike in the main event, and Clint first alternate, there’s an excellent chance you’ll see some Shield shine.


Boozer’s Damn Fine Jam

The Shield Brethren was in fine form for our boy Boozer’s Jam at Sheep Hills this past weekend. Hucker went ham, Butler blew ’em away and Balls and Maddog were bustin’ threes! Freddy Chulo manned the mic and there were more classic S&M characters in attendance than you could shake a stick at. Having a couple #BuildingBoyz there in Brian Foster and Van Homan went over pretty well too! Apart from our Sales Squad breaking themselves off, the jam was a massive success. Boozer still has shirts too, so support a homie and hit him up on Facebook to score one for yourself.


Hucker Goes Hollywood

Mike Hucker and Corey Bohan take Sydney by storm in this six-minute rework of the 80’s cult classic “BMX Bandits” and you’ve got to watch it! If it wasn’t obvious Hucker was stuck in the 80’s before, this seals the deal. Good stuff!


Tryin’ Their Luck

We plucked Clint, Matty and Nutter out of the PA Woods and dropped ’em in Vegas to try their luck at Nora Cup tonight. The boys’ DIY video “Feel My Chest Muscles, I’m a Trail Builder” is up for the video of the year and Clint (and Hucker) are battling it out for Dirt Rider of the Year. Here’s hoping someone on the Shield Squad gets luckier than these boys did at the Hard Rock!


Hucker’s Silverware

Huge shoutout to our main man Mike for winning the silver at XGames dirt in Austin over the weekend! As Hucker might put it: stoked! Also awesome to see Reynolds rock the roll in rockin’ the Shield too. And while we’re wrapping up acceptance speeches, none of this would have been possible without the shovel skills of Dirt Sculpt Dave and our very own Matty Aquizap and James P. Nutter. Last but not least, Darryl Nau held it down on camera in a big way too! Very extreme boys, very extreme. Thank you. Good night. Photo: Pavia


Hucker’s X Games Silver

Somehow, some 30 years in… an S&M rider had never actually won an X Games medal. Mike “Hucker” Clark changed all that when he nabbed the Silver in BMX Dirt in Austin in June 2015… shit, up until the last second, it even looked like it was gonna be a Gold. Regardless, we’re proud as punch of our main man Mike. Good stuff dude!


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