Mark Potoczny + S&M

Even though Mark was on an S&M already, we decided to take the next step in our relationship and started going steady roughly 6-months ago… With clips in our latest project “BUILT DIFFERENT” (download link should work now) we knew word of our “situation” would get out, so today, we’re ready to make it online official. Mark P. + S&M = 4EVER!


Halahan Bros Battle Axes – Sig. Colorways Out Now!

Nathan and Lukas Halahan are certified trail/transition killers and we didn’t want to send them into battle empty-handed. Enter two new signature colorways of S&M parts the Halahan Bros already ride and love. Lukas is blasting a Matty Aquizap sig. Black Magic, Widemouth Pitchfork and Credence bars in ‘GUNSMOKE.’ And Nathan’s hittin’ the trail on his M.O.D. frame (shouts to Juicy Jaymz), Pitchfork and Credence bars in ‘BLUE GROOVE.’ Arm yourselves kids… you don’t want some old, big-name dude riding into town and stealing your spot!


Coloradical Vacation!

Thirty-five years in the Bike Biz is a great excuse to gather, and that’s just what we did! Some radical dudes, the Moeller family Minnie Winnie and a bunch of BMX-to-the-bone lifers converging on our new Southwest CO trail spot to play in the dirt! Featuring Chris Moeller, Clint Reynolds, Mike Hoder, Aryei Levenson, Kole Voelker, Def Paul and a slew of otro amigos! Filmed and edited by the one and only Stew Johnson.


Aryei’s Sig. Purple Haze ATF XL colorway!

Aryei Levenson took his favorite aspects of every S&M frame and we combined them into the ATF XL.  It’s a stretched out ATF with a taller 5″ head tube, 9″ standover and extended top tube sizes up to 22″ for the tall set. Aryei picked out the “Purple Haze” colorway, too. The perfect all-terrain BMX frame. Aryei walks us through the build of his new bike at Goods BMX in PDX. Check out the full specs on the ATF XL here.




Clint Reynolds Grip Promo 2022!

Get a grip! Clint Reynolds talks us through his tried and true Reynolds Grip in this new edit by our guy Stew Johnson. The Reynolds Grip is a little smaller in diameter and a little shorter in length than most modern “street” grips, made of super soft/grippy rubber and fine-tuned to Clint’s preferences. Made in the USA for S&M by ODI. Available now. Grip it and rip it.


9 Acres – Season 2 Opener!

The Halahans are back. Season 2 of “9 Acres” picks up right where Season One left off–in the woods. Get some insight into the commitment of maintaining trails, as well as how to deal with sleeping bees. You get out what you put in, and the Halahan family is all in. We’ve also created a Spotify Playlist with the music from all the Season One episodes.


Welcome to the Team Doyle!

It took 26 years, but Chris Doyle is doing Doyle things on an S&M again, and suddenly the universe just makes a little more sense. Take a closer look at Chris’ custom.


Charlie Crumlish 2022 Bikecheck Video!

Charlie Crumlish details his personal ride, the Tallboy v3 and why it’s set up the way it is. That Baller jersey looks pretty dope too!


Fathead’s back!

Fathead: the man, the myth, the legend is back with 10 minutes of unmatchable riding style and a glimpse into his thought process behind BMX – some wise words indeed!


“The reason you got to be a NASA scientist is because you battled with a BMX first”


Charlie Crumlish “CROSSOVER” Video Section

Charlie and his Fu brethren Greg Henry and Badmatty just dropped a new part in conjunction with Motobunka from their  DVD “Crossover” and it’s sick! If you like this, stay tuned for the upcoming S&M video Charlie is in the kitchen cooking up right now…


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