Jonny Devine 2020 Edit

Canadian resident and murderer of Squamish concrete, Jonny Devine comes out swinging for his 2020 s&m video part. Flame emoji.



The only kind of Krone-avirus you wanna catch. Stoked to see Dave steady killin’ it once again… wrist injuries be damned, NBD!


Woods Wedneday-VOL. 1

Clint and crew are busy getting busy back in the ATX at the moment and hot damn if them boys ain’t good at biking. We’ve started Woods Wednesday since we all love watching S&M boyz surf dirt curls. Enjoi!


Holy Divers!

We got some Mike (Stahl) for your monday, but also some fire of our Hawaiian rider Jordan Toves and Canadian connect Andrew Schubert to promote the Holy Diver frame!


Dylan Kakowski 2020 Video

our Florida connect Dylan Kakowski has a really deep bag of moves on all terrains, but don’t take our word for it- check out his new video part!


Aryei Slays!

Aryei Levenson started filming for this project when he was 12-years-old. Battling injuries, Northwest weather and the logistics of meeting up with Shad Johnston (Good’s BMX shop-owner) to film when circumstances allowed, meant the project took a little longer than originally anticipated. We anticipate — that like us –you’ll agree that putting out an edit this sick at 13, is confirmation Aryei is well ahead of the curve. Check out the Grilled we did with him a couple months back to learn even more about our dude!


Kareemsworld: ATX Spot Tour

Our golden boi Kareem takes you to some of the most popular biking spots in Austin Texas and runs down legendary moves at each spot. More Kareemsworld sooner than later, we promise!


Whammo Wednesdays Vol. 3

your boy craig peezy is back with more insanity, follow @whammo on IG for more!


Sheep Jammy Jam

Sure this video was filmed three months ago at our “Behind the Shield” book release jam, but we figured taking our sweet ass time to put it out was a’ight, since… you know, we took our sweet ass time putting out “Behind the Shield.” We wanted to post this today though, to remind everyone we’re congregating at Sheep tomorrow, Oct 26, to ride for Boozer. See you there!


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