Krone’s Bones #failfriday

2020 hasn’t been kind to Krone and he’s currently healing up from his second wrist fracture of the year. He’ll be back soon so in the meantime enjoy him eating shit, and send some healing vibes his way!


Chris Childs Bikecheck!

We’ve got some crazy shit in the stash for Chris’s welcome edit (coming soon) but to hold you over here’s Chris running down what he trusts for his ride!


Woods Wednesday: Super Halahan Bros

Happy wednesday, here’s a quickie of the Halahan boys running a train through some PA woods with Pittsburgh trail legends Tom Arkus and Bobby Deblat in tow!

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S&MTV: Golden Oldies

We dug deep and found some embarrassing old videos of the boys, Kareem runs it down while DJ Chucky C plays the videos!


Halahan Brothers Bikecheck!

We welcomed the Hallahan Bros – Shane, Nathan and Lukas – to the team a couple months ago and they wasted no time farming some serious stoke on their new steeds at 9 Acres – their backyard dirt ranch. Way to go boyz! More radness to come from this clan soon!


DGAF 2020 video part!

“DGAF” Dan Norvell has been repping the shield and killing it on his bike for a long time. With the deepest and weirdest bag of tricks in the game, Dan puts the hurt on a bunch of incredible high desert spots and keeps things rolling strong for 2020.


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