Chad Johnston: Pegless, Brakeless, BMX Flatland.

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Chad Johnston Underground


Pegless flat master Chad Johnston has a bike check up on ESPN. This setup has to be one of the cleanest around, so don’t miss out.

Chad Check


Ride BMX has a Friday Interview up with Intrikat’s main man, Chad Johnston. The interview includes some awesome photos as well, so check it out to see more from the pegless flatland master.

On a related note, the Intrikat Bars are now available in a nine inch version or those riders wanting a higher front end.

Friday Interview With Chad Johnston


This will be fun… One thing that gets Christopher Lawrence Moeller tight, is seeing his face on the computer. So for every download, that’s just one more grey hair on homeboy’s head. Or you can just save this dope Chad Johnston desktop if that’s more your steeze.

Gettin’ Tight


Chad Johnston has been a player in the flatland game since day one, but he didn’t find a super stable home sponsorship wise until landing on S&M at age 40. His ability to revolutionize flatland riding (plus the fact that he’s a cool dude!) made marrying Chad’s Intrikat steeze with the shield in 2011 a no-brainer. Having Chad’s name and input on all of S&M’s new flatland offerings is something we’re pretty darn proud of.

Chad Johnston on S&M


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