S&M in Seattle Video!

Grab a cold one and chill out with 12 minutes of the boys killing it on street, park, and at the Shire Jam! Hosted by #KAREEMSWORLD featuring Hoder, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Andrew Schubert and Dave Krone! Filmed by everyone, edited by Charlie.


Crumero Cometh

Charlie and Craig’s parts from the OSS vid Ruin Your Whole Summer just made their online debuts, so hightail it to YouTube to whet your whistle ’cause the boys are already gettin’ busy on an upcoming S&M DVD. We’ve also decided to dub the duo Crumero; kind of like Brangelina or Kimye, but more masculine… you like?


We didn’t post this when it came out last week since we hadn’t dropped details on Charlie and Craig joining the squad yet, but Ride did a sweet story on riders who double as filmers and Charlie let it fly that he’ll be getting to work on a lil sumpin’ sumpin for The Shield. Craig is also getting right into it, making his Dew Tour Streetstyle debut in San Fran this weekend.

Crumlish – Double Duty