Hella Hoe Down

Our Oz boyz – Tim Boorman, Bevan Cowan, Xave Koen and Will Gunn – with a classic one. Crack a beer and join ’em!



Fridge Tape feat. Charlie Crumlish

Check out Charlie Crumlish and all the BMXFU guys keeping it frigid this winter and blessing us with a 10 minute mix tape! Grab a beverage and enjoy the fridge tape!



If there are a couple of dudes who exhibit other-worldly biking ability on the reg, it’s Hobie Doan and Dan Norvell. And for that reason, the universe has bestowed upon them signature colorways of our newest frame, the UFO. Hobie’s cultivating that NW Green and Flat Clear for ya’ll, while Dan’s droppin’ Trans Purple and Flat Black on yer heads. Two sets of sig kush alien graphics aside, the UFO boasts the steepest head angle in our fleet and those integrated chain tensioners are intergalactic. Video bike checks coming soon.


Welcome to the Squad Stahl!

Here’s three minutes of magic from Mike Stahl, a Pennsylvania homie who was reppin’ the Shield through Cyclical Cycles in Northern Virginia before making the pilgrimage west to work at The Building and hold it down for us on The Squad. There’s some classic S&M shredding going down in this one! Shout out to Sam Downs for the movie and Mike Stahl for the moves… welcome to The Squad Stahl!


Trevor’s Sick Lots!

Señor Sigloch has been reppin’ The Shield for a minute, but he hadn’t put out an official SyM edit till now! Enjoy this body of work and brace yourself for more from your main man Trev in the DeeBeeDee that drops in June 2017 (we promise).


Sponsor Me

Want to get sponsored by S&M? Kareem, Hoder, Hobie and Charlie show you how it’s done. Follow their advice and you’ll be living ‘high’ on the hog in no time.


Vlog Jam

Kareem and Charlie came through Cali last week, and while they were out here, they thought they’d try their luck huntin’ Vloggers. Looks like da boys filled their tag…


Jam on It Edit

Here’s a moving picture from our Nightmare on Lyon Street Jam over the weekend. Hoder went ape with the glue gun to craft that Geico Money Man suit with his HODER GRIP packaging, so push pause after Trevy humps the bars 17 seconds in and admire his handy work. Shouts to Evan’s Brewery for the beer and everyone who came for the camaRADerie!


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