Andrew Schubert 2014


Canadian shredder Andrew Schubert has spent the better part of twenty fourteen collecting clips. Here they are compiled for your viewing pleasure.



Maybe we should start calling him Magic Mike? After all, Hucker has managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to earn the Industry’s No. 1 Dirt Rider of the Year award three years running. A big shaka to our boy for killing it again in 2014… and taking out the Toast dirt comp too!

New Mexi Co.


Derek Dorame, our main man in New Mexico, and his homie Adam Accardi droppin’ a little heat in the Southwest streets! Derek’s making the pilgrimage to Toast this year, so keep an eye peeled for our dude! And if you live in NM – make sure you hit up the Chip Yer Toof Jam in Santa Fe on Nov. 1!

Redbull Dreamline


Dreamline looked ridiculous, in part thanks to our dudes’ Clint, Matty and Nutter’s dirt sculpting skills of course. They shralped said dirt too, along with Hucker who made the finals, and here’s a few photos to prove it!

Interrogating Hoder


Jeff Z. made his way to Washington where he’s hanging with Hoder working on a future Ride interview. As one might expect, it got nutty… but more on that later. Dig just posted this re-up of a 2012 interview they did with big man and it’s definitely worth revisiting!

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