• Pedal 101
    Lightweight, strong, and down to get its (adjustable) traction on... the 101 Pedal is back! This classic, compact, 101mm square-platform ...Read More
  • You Tired?
    Time to tire up Shield Soldiers! We just got re-upped on rubber, so if you've been waiting on the MAINLINE ...Read More
    March brings the wind, you don the Shield. Introducing (or rather reintroducing) the WINDSHIELD, our newest windbreaker that's so hot, ...Read More
  • Shredy or Not
    SHREDNECKS just dropped in RED and PURPLE. You know... for those of you with some flair.
  • Hey Shawty
    It's Valentine's Day, so do Shorty a solid and hit that play button!
  • Cock Hucker
    Hucker is S&M through and through... from his HB / Sheep Hills roots to his 'Ride whatever the hell you ...Read More