Passero in FUville


Craig crunched his foot shortly after joining Team #ShieldBMX, so this fresh action from Passero is a real treat. Filmed and edited by fellow FU/S&M cat Charlie Crum, this northern New York collection of clips comes hard!

Patriotic BAR-B-Q!


Happy Birthday ‘MERICA! We hope all the yanks out there rollin’ on 20″ wheels have a helluva a good time celebratin’ the good ol’ Red, White and Blue this weekend! And while we’re on the topic, huge shout out to everyone who supports our little Made-in-USA bicycle company. From the folks buying HODER HIGH and ELEVENZ bars to the people procuring BRUISER and even FATHEAD V2 bars (we didn’t include that English dude’s sig bar in today’s blog photo for obvious reasons) – THANK YOU- it takes all kinds of kinds!

S&M in NYC


It sounds like the Street Series/Dub Jam in NYC popped off this weekend. Hoder made his way back east for the occasion, as did Crumlish and Passaro. Charlie shot this photo of Mike and will keep the cameras rolling all week as he and the dudes roll North to Niagra on a clip quest. Watch the insta for updates!

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