Hucker’s Silverware

Huge shoutout to our main man Mike for winning the silver at XGames dirt in Austin over the weekend! As Hucker might put it: stoked! Also awesome to see Reynolds rock the roll in rockin’ the Shield too. And while we’re wrapping up acceptance speeches, none of this would have been possible without the shovel skills of Dirt Sculpt Dave and our very own Matty Aquizap and James P. Nutter. Last but not least, Darryl Nau held it down on camera in a big way too! Very extreme boys, very extreme. Thank you. Good night. Photo: Pavia


Reynolds on X

A few of us are here in Austin to heckle Clint Reynolds and Mike Hucker from the sidelines when they ride XGames dirt this weekend, so expect more updates from Tejas to come. In case you missed it, ESPN sent Stew Johnson out with Reynolds earlier this week to survey the damage to Credence HQ (and Clint’s top secret training center) after last week’s flooding, which is pretty wild. You can watch that here.


King Huck

You know that massive dirt-hucking event Cam White throws in Australia every year? Well, Hucker went and won the damn thing again. He’s earned King of the Hill honors at least four times now… maybe more? We lost track. Looking forward to the footy of the lumber’huck’ual in action! Congrats Mike… on the win and that beard!



To wrap up birthday week here at S&M, we’d like to wish Craig a mighty fine burfday. The big day is actually Sunday, but we have a feeling festivities will be in full swing all weekend.


Clint Goes Triple F

Cool shot of Clint shot by Guts from Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin over the weekend!



Maybe we should start calling him Magic Mike? After all, Hucker has managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to earn the Industry’s No. 1 Dirt Rider of the Year award three years running. A big shaka to our boy for killing it again in 2014… and taking out the Toast dirt comp too!


Redbull Dreamline

Dreamline looked ridiculous, in part thanks to our dudes’ Clint, Matty and Nutter’s dirt sculpting skills of course. They shralped said dirt too, along with Hucker who made the finals, and here’s a few photos to prove it!


Where the Heck is Hucker?

Our boy Hucker is so busy gettin’ rad, we can barely keep track of what he’s up to! We do know he’s in the UK now and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing him go ham at the Red Bull Quartermasters tomorrow. Mike was in France to defend his VANS Kill the Line title in France last weekend and qualified first but ended up 7th overall. No biggie though, watch a few episodes of his web series Rattitudes and you’ll see there’s no feeling sorry for this fool… he’s doin’ the damn thing! Have fun Hucker!



44oz Moeller High Life

In honor of the bossman’s 44th birthday today, we’ve uploaded the ’93 S&M classic VHS tape, 44 SOMETHING to our YouTube channel. If you have 36 minutes today (or enough time to scroll to 22:50 in the vid), you can watch a then 23-year-old ‘Kamikaze Biker’ doing much of what he still does today… acting like a smartass, sharing his unprecedented business savvy, riding dirt and sketchy Santa Ana parking lots and having a good time doing it. Happy Birthday Moeller!


Level Two Point Nine

Reynolds is celebrating a birthday, so chuck a cold one in your Credence Koozie and throw it back for Clint!


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