Whammo Wednesdays Vol. 2

Dat boi Craig is back with another best of Whammo Wednesdays compilation! Follow @whammo on IG for more!


Hoder and Co. x Trinidand & Tobago

Mike Hoder, along with the NYC contingent of Joey Piazza, Tyrone Williams, and Charles Hearn, took a week-long getaway to the Caribbean island paradise of Trinidad and Tobago for an escape from Northwest and Northeast U.S. winter.  Video by Rob Dolecki


Stahl’ed Up!

Mike Stahl and his Superman steeze. Did you watch this vid the dude did with Grant C. last week? If you slept on it, rise and shine folks!


Long Live Free or Die

Just threw the last chunk of the S&M/Credence/Stew Johnson masterpiece Live Free or Die on the YouTube. Do us a solid and buy a copy to watch in its entirety to help foot the bill for flying these apes somewhere else to do it again.



To quote the bossman on, Chris Moeller, on this topic: “Looks like @kareemjwilliams has broken the RIDEBMX news! Check out the newest episode of #kareemsworld for details. I’ve been involved with RIDE since day one back in the early 90’s when I helped founder Brad McDonald pick up his first oversized monitor in Riverside because he didn’t own a car. I also contributed as a writer and advertised in every issue of Ride that I wasn’t banned from. I was sued by RIDE and settled out of court at one point. And we supported RIDE to the bitter end with projects like the @2019_fitcompletes catalog and launch of the @sandmbmx#skeletonsandmusclesedit. It’s a bummer to see guys lose their jobs and see our scene lose one of the last professional media sources but that’s life. Our business is really hard to make money in and isn’t worth the hassle unless the owners love it.” A more in-depth account of S&M’s storied history with Ride, and BMX media in general, is covered in our book BEHIND THE SHIELD – out this SPRING (for real though).


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