Kareem get Kareem’d

If you’ve been missing Kareem’s World – here’s a big ol helping of Kareem Pie. Now what ya’ll want for dessert? Leave a comment on this vid on our YouTube on what you want Kareem to dish up on his next episode.


Huckin’ Fronties

Mike “Mutha-Truckin'” Hucker makes a splash! Here’s an in-depth look at Hucker’s front flip clip from Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read.


GRIP ‘N SLIDE feat. Trevvy!

Slide, slide, well that’s the past, we got sumpin’ brand new for dat ass! Get a grip AND slide courtesy of our GNS (Grip ‘n Slide) pedals. Micro-knurled surface and molded pins for traction. Long lasting nylon/fiber blend for sliding. Larger, ergonomic shape is designed for grip and support. Trevvy Sig will show you what’s up!



Here Comes Jonny@

UK destroyer Jonny D. is now doing it for the Shield. Learn a little more about our new lad and check out his shiny new M.O.D. frame here. Welcome to the squad sir!


S&M SoCal Roll Up!

We held a summit of sorts in SoCal a couple months back where we flew in Hoder, Hobie and Kareem to kick it with local boys like Trevor Sigloch, Mike Stahl, Dan Norvell and Chad Johnston. Canadian shred-lord and filmer/editor Andrew Schubert captured the week-long excursion and voila, a vid was born.


Dobie Does Liverpool

We helped Hobie hop a plane to Liverpool to get loose with the Dub dudes and all we got was this stupid video (we kid, it’s raily raily good).


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