Kareem’s World – Swampfest Edition!

Kareem wanted to go to Swampfest. We told him we’d buy him half a ticket (shout out to Empire for flying this fool home) if he provided Kareem’s World Special Edition Swampfest coverage. Huge ups to Trey Jones for making it happen!


Bonesaw / Desson Dogs

If you had the pleasure of watching Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read — or better yet, got off your BUNS and bought a copy — you already know our neighbors to the North, a.k.a. Team Canada, had a killer section. Here’s the very last of the leftovers Charlie Crumlish had stuffed in the back of his ice box — half-thawed Isaac Barnes and Matt Desson comin’ atcha! As an aside, we’re ramping up our YouTube Channel and want to make sure you don’t miss the action… in an attempt to bolster our subscribers, we’re dangling a dog over your head – once we get to 15k subscribers, we’ll put HDWCR online!


Chuck Crum Crumbs

You know what goes good with hot dogs? A Tall Boy. Rat Crum, a.k.a. Charles in Charge, coming through with a smorgasborg of unseen and uneaten hawg dawgs. Crack a cold one and smash play.


Schuee Old Hotdogs

If your old hotdog’s a little chewy, just give it to Schuee! Andrew Schubert puttin’ pegs all over the place in these leftover HDWCR clips self-edited into a tasty treat!


Hoder in “Narcos”

When the cartel got wind of unseen Colombian Hoder footage, they started making calls. Crumlish answered the call with this fine compilation of Zac Costa’s Hoder clips.


Give them Dawgs a ReRoast

Hot diggity dirt dawgs! Here’s some HDWCR leftovers roasted by Reynolds, Matty and Hucker. We’ll be treatin’ you to few more reheated hors d’oeuvres here shortly, and then we may just share the main course on the World Wide Web. And if you’re still hungry after that? Welp, The official S&M/Credence “Live Free or Die” premiere will be going down at Swampfest and Digital Versatile Discs of the masterpiece will be available onsite, online and at fine BMX retailers mid-February. Bon appetit!


Huck Cam

Last week, Ride released this radical video of Mike and his mullet huckin’ like only they can. In case you missed it, or in the event you’d like to enjoy this alternative angle jaunt through the Dirt Lab jumps again, here it is. Wanna be like Mike? Rock our RETROGRADE socks for an extra boost!


Joe Simpson 2017 Video

One of our NZ killing it between LA, Austin and home turf. Flip variations, whips both ways, and some of the most stylish decades in the game. Last clip is a great example of reverse spot usage!


Reynolds Roast

Shout out to da one and only Clint Reynolds for taking TOP honors at the POSH High Air Jam this weekend. Musta been some good juju in that fresh C.C.R. he just built up. Roasting by Reynolds, edit Father Johnson.


Mackellar’s a Killer

Jonny Mackellar throwin’ the mack down in this Welcome to S&M edit expertly filmed and edited by James Fox. Jonny joined the rest of the Australian Shield Squad on a trip earlier this year but thanks to a nudge from the boyz at Backbone BMX, he’s now officially one of us. Without further ado… herrrrrrrrrrrre’s Jonny!


Live Free or Die

This one’s gonna spread some serious stoke… a Stew Johnson production featuring Clint, Matty, Nutter and Co. is currently underway. “LIVE FREE OR DIE” – dropping this December…


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