You could watch a Hallmark movie or you could enjoy this feel good film featuring Aryei Levenson enjoying RADshare’s Rumble in Richmond and some satellite savagery around the city. What started out as a team trip (until Nate and Lukas Halahan’s flights got cancelled and Kole Voelker broke his collarbone) turned into Clint Reynolds and Aryei repping The Shield at the Rumble followed by Aryei’s extended stay in Richmond at Crandall’s Air BnBus! This is a good watch!



If there’s something sick to shred, in your neighborhood… who you gonna call? Mike Staaaaahlllllllll! Nearly five minutes of fresh-ass moves from your main man Mike. PSA – your boy’s got a sig colorway of the Holy Diver you should wish to procure his tools of the trade!


9Acres: “Potoz & Doyle”

After a few years of of mentoring the Halahan kids deep in the woods, we were able to coax some of the local trail apes out into the open and even capture them on camera in their natural habitat! Mark Potozcny, Chris Doyle and more make guest cameos in this episode of 9 Acres featuring Nate, Shane and Kaci Halahan shredding their yard with friends, cousins and local legends…. any the M.O.Doyle Frame in Dirtbike Yellow (avail. at fine bike shops near you – if you’re lucky).



Posting a BLOG on the ol’ WWW. to let you know that if you’ve been missing us on Instagram, it’s ’cause some internet pirates are after our booty! We can’t say we aren’t enjoying the break though. Figured we’d let ya’ll know you aren’t blocked… and that we appreciate your concern. The good news is, since we’re technically in the business of making bike parts – not social media posts – it’s really just business as usual. Also… good thing we moved Factory Friday over to YouTube huh? The one and only Stew Johnson was in the building for last week’s episode, and hows about dem new HUCKER decals!


Ike’s Bike

Fifteen-year-old Ike Duly  – who hails from Bexhill on Sea, UK – is a card carrying member of The Jump Club a crew of Next Gen shredders riding everything. Check out Ike’s new C.C.R. build and do yourself a favor… make sure to keep your eye on this guy!



It’s Factory Friday and the shop’s gone loco! Between Rita caught red-handed Pounding Beer, Hoder High Bars on a bender, and general ATF-indulgence by the entire shop, it’s safe to say it’s been a wild week on Lyon Street. We also took a field trip to the neighborhood embroidery shop to see new Fit hats getting stitched and are happy to report that our toilet’s flushing fantastically and the new fence looks sharp! Join us again next week as we restock BTMS (new color coming) and offer you an opportunity to pre-order ATF 26s! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel so you can get your weekly factory fix!



Here’s our top ten moments of 2022 – thanks to all y’all for making it so special! We are set to ramp things up even harder for 2023 so stay tuned! #shieldbmx



Sixteen-year-old Aryei Levenson is literally double the size he was when we first started sponsoring him half his lifetime ago. So when it came time to give him a signature colorway, we had to think BIG! Enter the ATF XL – let @ripe_lyfe break it down for you! Film and edit by Stew Johnson. 


Mark Potoczny + S&M

Even though Mark was on an S&M already, we decided to take the next step in our relationship and started going steady roughly 6-months ago… With clips in our latest project “BUILT DIFFERENT” (download link should work now) we knew word of our “situation” would get out, so today, we’re ready to make it online official. Mark P. + S&M = 4EVER!


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