Derek Dorame Dogs

Michaels Phelps ain’t got nothin’ on double D!



Kareem snuck into The Building on a Saturday to bring you this malarky.


Hot Hobie Doan Doggy

Hobie Doan doing the damn thing in HDWCR! Dude’s also getting things done across the pond at present, so make sure you’re following him @hobiedoan!


Chad Johnston Pegless Hot Doggin’

One of the most unique and mindblowing flatlanders in the world with one of the standout sections in a mostly street and dirt video. Unbelievably intrikat.


Kareem’s World – Swampfest Edition!

Kareem wanted to go to Swampfest. We told him we’d buy him half a ticket (shout out to Empire for flying this fool home) if he provided Kareem’s World Special Edition Swampfest coverage. Huge ups to Trey Jones for making it happen!


Bonesaw / Desson Dogs

If you had the pleasure of watching Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read — or better yet, got off your BUNS and bought a copy — you already know our neighbors to the North, a.k.a. Team Canada, had a killer section. Here’s the very last of the leftovers Charlie Crumlish had stuffed in the back of his ice box — half-thawed Isaac Barnes and Matt Desson comin’ atcha! As an aside, we’re ramping up our YouTube Channel and want to make sure you don’t miss the action… in an attempt to bolster our subscribers, we’re dangling a dog over your head – once we get to 15k subscribers, we’ll put HDWCR online! Just like humans, all dogs need their own special place, where they can relax, sleep and maybe dream of fetching their favorite toy or a nice, tasty bone. For more details, visit the the best dog houses for 2018 with reviews.


Chuck Crum Crumbs

You know what goes good with hot dogs? A Tall Boy. Rat Crum, a.k.a. Charles in Charge, coming through with a smorgasborg of unseen and uneaten hawg dawgs. Crack a cold one and smash play.


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