Pad Up Son!

Don’t wreck yo self, best protect yo self! After an extended absence, our classic S&M padsets are back in stock!


Purple Reigns

Trans purple stand up! Just got a fresh batch of bars in a subtly royal shade of purp for you to pop on your bikes people! Pick your poison and cop while you can!


Certifiably Awesome!

You gotta protect da dome! And what better way to do it than with this killer S&M/Protec collab helmet. This full cut, certified helmet is available in an assortment of sizes and also comes in black. If your local shop didn’t cop – we’ll be restocking our webstore shortly so check back on the regular!


Mike Hoder’s BTM

MIKE HODER goes bigger than anyone in the game. If you need a whip that’s tested to withstand the hardest riding, go peep that new-new from the people’s champ. Big Mike’s sig BTM FRAME was built for someone who stomps some of the biggest tricks on the GNARLIEST set ups and if you’re looking for a solid handle bar that won’t bend off a crazy drop, HODER BARS, HODER HIGH BARS, and HODER SKY HIGH BARS are the ones for you. The HODER GRIPS are softer than a baby’s bottom and made to absorb all the shock from landing. Check out all these goods right here on our webstore. You won’t be disappointed.


Black Magic Matty!

Matty Aquizap is a dirt mound sorcerer, and with the debut of his sig frame, you best believe chaboy’s ’bout to drop some BLACK MAGIC on ya head! If you wanna know a little more about the geo and why this machine is built the way she is, RIDE did a bike check with Matty a couple weeks ago on the final prototype before production. Available in Metallica Black (shown) and Gloss White. Made to roast and do tha most!


Say What?!? Sprocket Sale

Trail bosses, consider this your public service announcement… we’re selling 19mm L7 Sprockets for less than it cost us to make them! That’s right… you can cop these sprockets, available in Red, Gold, Black and Blue as well as in in Shield, Rasta, Camo and BTM-wrap for $24.95. That’s more than half off!


Pedal 101

Lightweight, strong, and down to get its (adjustable) traction on… the 101 Pedal is back! This classic, compact, 101mm square-platform pedal has fewer traction pins to reduce weight but comes with screw-in pins to pop in where you want ’em. It’s made of reinforced, cast-alloy to prevent breakage, is 9/16″ and available in black.


You Tired?

Time to tire up Shield Soldiers! We just got re-upped on rubber, so if you’ve been waiting on the MAINLINE in 20″ or 22″ or after 22″ tubes – we gotchu. ‘Till they sell out again that is…



March brings the wind, you don the Shield. Introducing (or rather reintroducing) the WINDSHIELD, our newest windbreaker that’s so hot, the first batch blew out of here before we could even tell you about ’em.  Available in Camo, Navy and Black, these 100 percent nylon jackets have cuffed sleeves, a drawcord at the bottom, are mesh lined and designed to “shield” you from the elements. Grab one today before they’re gone again!


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