Clint Reynolds Grip Promo 2022!

Get a grip! Clint Reynolds talks us through his tried and true Reynolds Grip in this new edit by our guy Stew Johnson. The Reynolds Grip is a little smaller in diameter and a little shorter in length than most modern “street” grips, made of super soft/grippy rubber and fine-tuned to Clint’s preferences. Made in the USA for S&M by ODI. Available now. Grip it and rip it.



Dave Krone is a radical dude, one who deserves some radical signature bars… allow us to introduce, the SAND BAR! Now available at fine BMX establishments near you! Biking/Stunts/Edit by the one and KRONEly / Film by his better half, Sammi.


Slidepipe V2 Out Now!

The S&M Slidepipe V2 is a heavy-duty, portable BMX rail designed and built to withstand the rigors of even the heaviest street riders. Oversized, steel bases and commercial-grade, rubber feet keep the rail firmly in place while uprights made from square, steel tubing won’t allow bases to twist, even without hardware! The super-strong, extruded, center connector has a thick spine featuring tapped threads that won’t pull out, plus a reinforcement plate that spans all four connecter bolts for added strength. Available in Adjustable and Non-Adjustable versions!


Chris Childs “NO EXIT” Bars out now!

We are proud to present Chris’ first signature product with S&M, the No Exit bar!

East Coast street stalwart Chris Childs’ Signature Bar pairs tried and true angles with classic S&M tubing for strength. Featuring a slightly narrower box than the Hoder High Bar, the No Exit is tailor-made for folks who turn up for clicked turndowns.

RISE 9.125”
WEIGHT 2.40lbs


S&M BMX – Fids Decks out in the UK!

Fids has always ripped on BMX and skate sides of things, so we laced him up with a new signature pool deck.

Available now in the UK through 4down, they’ll also be available stateside as soon as the manufacturer catches up from rona setbacks!

shot by Tom Horton



Hoder for President? Mad Dog 2020? Regardless of your political affiliation, we can all jump on the HODER GRIP campaign train… which is why we’re gonna give you a free pair of the World’s Best Grip when donate $100 to the purchase of BMX biking products on this weekend! We just dropped the grip in two new colors (blue and red) and they’re USA MADE of course. Promo details above!


Get a (Clint Reynolds) Grip!

We’ve been workin’ on this one awhile (and it’s worth the wait), so please allow Clint Reynolds, and his lovely assistant Georgie, to introduce you to your new, favorite, flanged grip — Made in the USA of course. Stick around for a roast through the Reynolds Compound and then make your way to the market for some Merlot…


Raj Dawg’s Rig

James P. Nutter’s pup, Raja, knows a thing or two about scrubbin’ jumps, which is why we decided to giver her a colorway of Nutter’s sig frame, the M.O.D. Watch Nutter and Raja cruise 9th Street Austin, and then support a dude and his dog by copping the coolest colorway in the game. The M.O.D. is available in Raj Dawg, Flat Black and Gloss Clear.


Slam Dancing

Let’s keep this party going! Next up in the classic, reissue department are the OG SLAMs! Chrome – check. Circle Jerks Slam dance dude – check. Limited quantities available. Cop accordingly!


Redneck Repop

We couldn’t write a book like BEHIND THE SHIELD, talk about all of the classic parts that put us on the map and then miss out on the opportunity to reissue a few? So here ya go kids, the REDNECK and SHAFTED REDNECK in black, green, gold and red. Retro fo sho. Pick up or borrow a copy of BEHIND THE SHIELD if you wanna know the ins and outs surrounding the Revolution of the Redneck!


It’s a Shirty Job but…

We have left you seriously hanging in the Tee Dept. and as our way of apologizing, we just made a shitload of sick shirts in black because, well, that’s all ya’ll want anyway. Sorry about that. And, you’re welcome. (And P.S. sizes are already selling out, so swoop quick. We’ll restock a.s.a.p. so make sure you’re following us on IG if you wanna be the first to know when they are back in!)


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