Slam Dancing

Let’s keep this party going! Next up in the classic, reissue department are the OG SLAMs! Chrome – check. Circle Jerks Slam dance dude – check. Limited quantities available. Cop accordingly!


Redneck Repop

We couldn’t write a book like BEHIND THE SHIELD, talk about all of the classic parts that put us on the map and then miss out on the opportunity to reissue a few? So here ya go kids, the REDNECK and SHAFTED REDNECK in black, green, gold and red. Retro fo sho. Pick up or borrow a copy of BEHIND THE SHIELD if you wanna know the ins and outs surrounding the Revolution of the Redneck!


It’s a Shirty Job but…

We have left you seriously hanging in the Tee Dept. and as our way of apologizing, we just made a shitload of sick shirts in black because, well, that’s all ya’ll want anyway. Sorry about that. And, you’re welcome. (And P.S. sizes are already selling out, so swoop quick. We’ll restock a.s.a.p. so make sure you’re following us on IG if you wanna be the first to know when they are back in!)


What a Little Pitch!

Welp. We done did it. Made a mini PITCHFORK XLT, you can pair with a FIT14 frame to get your pint-sized shredders on some American-made goodness. So upgrade the frame and fork of some other brand’s 14″ complete today and let your little blast with confidence!



Our DRAIN MAN now comes in Shield Camo for the stealth set. They’re still out there in Polished, Black and Shield Wrap for the rest of ya!


Cruiser Cats

Some of you have been stalking us like prey about bringing the STEEL PANTHER out in a cruiser model… obviously because we sold out as soon as they come in. We’re gonna do another run, so if you want to backorder one in your preferred TT size and color, now’s the time to pounce folks. Available right meow in Black, Trans Red and Yellow.


All Hail the Holy Diver

HD has risen! Resurrected from the depths of the midnight sea, the Holy Diver frame was designed to react quickly, take a beating and come back swinging. Its ¼” thick, compact, heat-treated dropouts are ultra-strong and allow for ample peg clearance. A taller head tube reduces the number of spacers needed, a laser cut top tube gusset adds strength and a responsive, modern, street geometry ensures that we’ve crafted a sword ready for battle. Go on now, Ride the Tiger.


Sock Restock

We’ve restocked the socks that knock your socks off. Accept no knock offs. You know these socks rock! RETROGRADE and BLOCK SOCKS – get yer rocks off!


White Hemp – So Slim Right Now…

If you like ’em slim, we might have a white hot, little hemp number with your name on it! This Slim Pivotal features light padding on slim base with a hollow bolt. Also available in Shield Camo.


Pounding Beer Run

We didn’t even tell ya’ll about the first run of our POUNDING BEER forks because the damn things sold out faster than 25 cent Tecates on Taco Tuesday! Luckily, the stock has been replenished and your insatiable thirst for a 29″ fork you can RAISE UP with pride can be quenched. Cheers!


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