Get a (Clint Reynolds) Grip!

We’ve been workin’ on this one awhile (and it’s worth the wait), so please allow Clint Reynolds, and his lovely assistant Georgie, to introduce you to your new, favorite, flanged grip — Made in the USA of course. Stick around for a roast through the Reynolds Compound and then make your way to the market for some Merlot…


Mowin’ with Reynolds

Mow, mow, mow your bike, gently up a bank…. RIDE caught up with Mr. Mod to create this How To: Lawnmower with Clint Reynolds video, so if you’re trying to capture some of Clint’s steeze, this could be a good place to start!


Clint Reynolds Bike Check

Clint recently welded up a new C.C.R., rattle-canned it camo and got right to roasting. He broke the new beaut in on a trip to Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago, so check back tomorrow for moving pictures of that!


Credence X DIG

Clint, Matty and Nutter took over a decent portion of DIG‘s new trails issue. We threw a few of the shots in a slideshow for you, but make sure you pick up the mag to read the whole article. We’re sending them out with web orders if you can’t get your paws on them anywhere else. And in other Credence news, Australia’s Jared Carter is now part of the crew… congrats Carter!


Reynolds’ Rapid Response

Clint did a Rapid Response with DIG that you can dig into HERE. Dean Dickinson asks a buch of creepy questions at the end, so that’s either an enticer or a disclaimer, depending on what floats your boat.


Z shot a sweet bike check of Reynold’s CCR that you should definitely check out over on the Ride site. Clint talks about welding his own frames (he’s coming out next week to lay some beads in Santa Ana) and the new Credence Turtleneck stem too, so if you wanna know more about dat, you know where to go.

CCR Check


Our hombres smashed it in Guadalajara this weekend! Clint helped build a killer course (which he proceeded to shred), Hucker took Best Trick (and fittingly won a cougar trophy) and A.J. got second (or as we like to put it, almost won)! Here’s some shots stolen from Ride and Red Bull to commemorate their Mexican adventure.

Órale! A.J. Almost Wins!


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