When you’re mobbing with the Fit and S&M boys, the camera never stops rolling. Take a look at the raw, uncut timeline from the “It’s All The Same Shit” video.
Featuring: Tom Dugan, Brad Simms, Justin Spriet, John Nelson, Coltin Knudson, Mike Hoder, Mike “Hucker” Clark, “DGAF” Dan Norvell, Aryei Levenson, and Kareem Williams.


‘Nother Hucker

Mike built up a trans blue Hucker a couple weeks back and is calling it the best bike he’s ever had. Wanna be like Mike? See if Santa will drop his sig frame under the tree in two weeks time!


Hucker Nora Cup Interview

Mike had a pretty epic 2013. Winning Nora Cup Dirt Rider of the Year for the second year in a row had to be a highlight. He’s got an interview about just that in the latest RIDE!


Van Homan is at Dew Tour and sent through these shots of his S&M cousins at practice. Hucker will be huckin’ it in the Dirt department and Craig will be slayin’ it in Streetstyle. Check out the schedule and watch it live online!

Hucker and Passero DewIn’ It


Word in the woods is that Hucker is owning the Dreamline arena in Angelfire, New Mexico and made the cut from 30 to 12 for today’s finals. We found this Point of View video of him riding through the course on the Dreamline Mini Site. Head over there for more sweet photos and footage. Good Luck Huck!

Hucker Makes Dreamline Finals


Hucker enjoyin’ some shine time in Corey Bohan’s new web series, Hangin’ Foul! Definitely worth watching to see all the crazy ish Mike pulled en route to winning the Red Bull Roast It in New Zealand a little while back!

Hucker Hangin’ Foul


Hucker made his VERT debut at Dew Tour and ended up finishing 9th – not bad for his first time!

Hucker’s Vert Debut at Dew!


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