After calling your warranty department, I was asked to send my product back to S&M. How should I send it? And where should I send it?

We accept shipments from UPS, Fed-Ex, and the US Postal Service. Please include your name, home phone number and return address (no P.O. boxes please) with all warranty shipments to S&M. Or if you’re in our area you can come by Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00, but please call first.

Our address for walk-ins and warranty shipments is:

S&M Bikes
Warranty Dept.
1300 South Lyon St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Ph: (714) 835-3400
Fx: (714) 835-5020

What is considered “proof of purchase?”

A copy of the original sales receipt is considered “proof of purchase.” A copy of a completely filled out warranty card will also serve as “proof of purchase” only if the original card was mailed back to S&M within 10-days of the original purchase.

Can I get another “CRASH REPLACEMENT” deal on frame, fork or bar that I already got on a warranty deal?

No. We only offer the CRASH REPLACEMENT deal once.

After I got a free replacement part on a warranty from S&M, I broke it. Can I get another free part?

No. We will warranty your first part for free. After that we can sell you a new product for a reduced price. You must still show “proof of purchase” to get this deal.

If I’m able to get a “CRASH REPLACEMENT” deal, do I have to stay with the same product?

No. But it should be a product that is right for your style of riding. For instance, if you bend light weight parts we will advise something a little more heavy duty.

I modified my S&M bar, fork or frame, does this void the warranty?

If the modification causes the part to fail, then yes the warranty is voided. Changing color, cutting bars or steer tubes on forks does not void the warranty. However, we will not replace the fork or bar because you cut them too short.

I pinched the back of my stem or stripped the bolts out or cross-threaded my threads, can I get a new stem for free.

No. Pinching or having threads pull out of the stem are both signs of over tightening and are not warranty issues. Cross threading or stripping of bolts are signs of improper installation and are not warranty issues.

What is a “defect in workmanship?”

A “defect in workmanship” can be defined as any problem with the product that should’ve been caught by our quality control inspection but wasn’t. These types of problems include crooked parts, missing welds, etc. Basically, any step in the manufacturing process we forgot to do, or did incorrectly is considered a “defect in workmanship.” For instance, a brake mount that is missing internal threads, a frame tube that is missing some weld, a cable stop that is welded on backwards, or a fork leg that has a piece of metal rattling around inside of it, etc. These are all examples of “defects in workmanship.” A break or a bend in a part is not necessarily the result of a “defect in workmanship.” Moreover, a true “defect in workmanship” needs to be detected within the first 30 days of ownership to be valid. In other words, in order to be considered a true “defect in workmanship” the problem must be easily detected upon assembly of the product or during its initial 30-day period of ownership. In any case, we ask you to call and discuss any possible “defect in workmanship” with our warranty department before you ship the product back to us.

What if I can’t find my warranty card or sales receipt?

You will need to contact the retail dealer where you purchased the product and get a copy of your original sales receipt. Without a sales receipt or a warranty card, we can’t be sure you are the original owner and any warranty will be void.

How can I get sponsored by S&M?

Sponsorship at S&M is a family affair.  If you suspect you’ve got a little Maddog in you, hit up your local bike shop and have them send us a DNA sample.