(Slightly (Behind) the Shield)

S&M diehards know we’ve been plugging away at book chronicling the storied past and present of the Shield for a few years now. DIG happened to post a story about the project online (that they originally printed last year) yesterday, and we happened to print a proof for final copy editing today… so, thanks for waiting. BEHIND THE SHIELD will be out soon… promise. For reals, promise.


Kareem get Kareem’d

If you’ve been missing Kareem’s World – here’s a big ol helping of Kareem Pie. Now what ya’ll want for dessert? Leave a comment on this vid on our YouTube on what you want Kareem to dish up on his next episode.


Ever Peacock’s M.O.D.

When Clint Reynolds vouches for you, chances are you’re a bad ass… case in point, the latest S&M/Credence soldier added to the army, Ever Peacock. He’s only been M.O.D.-mounted for a couple months, but cha boy has already collected some heavy hardware on her. In addition to qualifying for a spot to compete in the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach, which he did in a coonskin cap in August, Ever took the top honors with a high air and best whip win at the Posh Jam earlier this month. Watch out world, the Peacock has landed.


Huckin’ Fronties

Mike “Mutha-Truckin'” Hucker makes a splash! Here’s an in-depth look at Hucker’s front flip clip from Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read.


We’re ALL OVER it!

Here’s two new, sharp shirts for you Shield heads! Whether you’re trying to blend in, or stand out… we gotchu! It’s also worth noting we made these in toddler sizes too ’cause we know them kids wanna rep as well! SHIELD CAMO and LOGO HISTORY tees out NOW!


GRIP ‘N SLIDE feat. Trevvy!

Slide, slide, well that’s the past, we got sumpin’ brand new for dat ass! Get a grip AND slide courtesy of our GNS (Grip ‘n Slide) pedals. Micro-knurled surface and molded pins for traction. Long lasting nylon/fiber blend for sliding. Larger, ergonomic shape is designed for grip and support. Trevvy Sig will show you what’s up!



Kareemsworld: Q&A

KJM discloses why his teeth do what they do in the latest episode of Kareem’s World: KW Q&A.


Gum ‘n Pink

How ’bout dem Benjamins… ahem, HODERS! Now available in GUM and PINK in addition to all the hot colors they already come in!


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