Gum ‘n Pink

How ’bout dem Benjamins… ahem, HODERS! Now available in GUM and PINK in addition to all the hot colors they already come in!


Here Comes Jonny@

UK destroyer Jonny D. is now doing it for the Shield. Learn a little more about our new lad and check out his shiny new M.O.D. frame here. Welcome to the squad sir!



Lookin’ to murder some trails a la Matty Aquizap? This new REDRUM colorway of his signature frame, the BLACK MAGIC, is the weapon for the job!


Kareem VS. Hollywood High

We’ve got another behind the scenes vid of the squad doing (or not quite doing) big thangs while filming for our last full-length. This time it’s your boy Kareem J. Williams vs. Hollywood High.


Clint vs. the Fuf

Trust us. You’re gonna wanna watch this one! Reynolds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay Aryei!

Our youngblood Aryei Levenson took the top spot at the Vans Am comp in Orange, CA this weekend! And to celebrate, we’re sharing a sneak peek of him channeling Evel at our 2019 Fitbikeco. photo shoot a couple months ago. Look out for this kid (and come August, a new Evel Kneivel-inspired Fit EIGHTEEN complete). Photo: Gutstains


Whammo Wednesday!

Craig Passero,  a.k.a. Whammo, don’t play when it comes to killin’ it in dem East Coast streets, so do yourself a favor and check out his WHAMmix section if you ain’t done so already.


S&M SoCal Roll Up!

We held a summit of sorts in SoCal a couple months back where we flew in Hoder, Hobie and Kareem to kick it with local boys like Trevor Sigloch, Mike Stahl, Dan Norvell and Chad Johnston. Canadian shred-lord and filmer/editor Andrew Schubert captured the week-long excursion and voila, a vid was born.


Vote 4 Kareem! X Games Real BMX!

And with an X Games Real BMX rebel run, we’ve got Kareem J. Williams and his filmer/editor Charlie Crumlish! Don’t forget to vote for them for fan favorite. You can vote once a day until… well shit, looks like we missed the deadline. How very S&M of us. Oh well… there’s always next year.


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