S&M BMX – Fids Decks out in the UK!

Fids has always ripped on BMX and skate sides of things, so we laced him up with a new signature pool deck.

Available now in the UK through 4down, they’ll also be available stateside as soon as the manufacturer catches up from rona setbacks!

shot by Tom Horton


Hoder Highs Back in Shops!

Hoder high bars were unavailable for a bit but are back on shelves at your local shop!

Here’s some recents from Texas where Hoder and a few other squad members are on a filming mission as we speak.

Filmed by Justin Benthien, edited by Charlie C!


Whammo and Tallboy in NYC!

congrats all around for escaping 2020, here’s exactly what you need to start your 2021: dat new Whammo and Tallboy joint!

Craig Passero and Charlie Crumlish spent two days in and around Brooklyn and got blessed with some beautiful east coast weather. Look for lots more from this dynamic duo this year.


Mike “Milky” Andrew Video!

we’ve been flowing our boy Mikey “Milky” Andrew some parts though Vans Bicycle Center in Reno for awhile, and has been progressing at an alarming rate. It’s to the point now where he is so good we have no choice but to present the first official release of his riding for your viewing pleasure! Welcome to the squad G!


Bevan Cowan International Selfie 2020!

Bevan Cowan hit a plethora of biking surfaces in France, Germany and Australia and came away with this beautiful piece. Shoeys 4 everyone!


Ricky Ratt: One Man And His Woods

Step into the world of Levetts Woods, Ricky Ratt, and the way of the shovel. A dedicated trail builder and absolutely legendary rider, Ricky has been repping the shield longer than some of you have been alive!

he’s had many S&M builds over the years and laces up a new Credence in this video before shredding the local.

video by Fooman


Mike Mondays!

To ease your case of the mondays we laced together some clips of our Mikes on their bikes, featuring Hoder, Hucker and Mike Stahl!



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Mike Attewell SD/HD

“About a month ago Myself and Mike thought it would be fun to make a little video, and in the process try something different. Taking advantage of the small collection of cameras I’ve amassed over the years, I brought a couple of brackets and a box of nuts and bolts and set about fixing my old TRV-16e next to my new(ish) NEX-7. Capturing each clip simultaneously onto a tape and SD card came with its difficulty’s but thanks to Mike’s patience we got what I think is a pretty cool video! Thanks to S&M bikes and 4down distribution for the help getting it out!” – Archie Kenward


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