DGAF 2020 video part!

“DGAF” Dan Norvell has been repping the shield and killing it on his bike for a long time. With the deepest and weirdest bag of tricks in the game, Dan puts the hurt on a bunch of incredible high desert spots and keeps things rolling strong for 2020.


Memory Lane Sale

Let’s not forget what this weekend is all about… acknowledging the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price to secure our freedom. So remember to raise your glasses for our brave service men and women this weekend, and while you’re at it, pour a little out for all those who had to ride shitty bikes before S&M was born. Brush up on your history with BEHIND THE SHIELD, free with all web orders over $199.00 this weekend! AND THANK YOU VETERANS!


Droobs 2020 Video

Extended shield fam member Drew Jackson has a deep bag of classic moves he seasons with new school Adobo, this is sick.


Matty Aquizap’s European Vacation

Here’s an edit of Matty’s Euro trip he did last summer. Filmed by Ryan Green and edited by Clint Reynolds. Thanks to all the locals for sharing their spots!


S&MTV: Fathead Invasion

Fathead hacked the channel and took back the mic from Kareem! How will this play out in this week’s S&MTV?


Keith’s Trails

here’s an extended cut of the boys riding the 420 trails featuring Keith Hartwell, Hucker, Pedro and Aryei!


Behind the Scenes of “S&M Wins”

jump in the van with Kareem J. Williams and the rest of the s&m team and get a behind-the-scenes look at all the hard work that goes into winning championships!


Jonny Devine 2020 Edit

Canadian resident and murderer of Squamish concrete, Jonny Devine comes out swinging for his 2020 s&m video part. Flame emoji.


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