S&M SoCal Roll Up!

We held a summit of sorts in SoCal a couple months back where we flew in Hoder, Hobie and Kareem to kick it with local boys like Trevor Sigloch, Mike Stahl, Dan Norvell and Chad Johnston. Canadian shred-lord and filmer/editor Andrew Schubert captured the week-long excursion and voila, a vid was born.


Vote 4 Kareem! X Games Real BMX!

And with an X Games Real BMX rebel run, we’ve got Kareem J. Williams and his filmer/editor Charlie Crumlish! Don’t forget to vote for them for fan favorite. You can vote once a day until… well shit, looks like we missed the deadline. How very S&M of us. Oh well… there’s always next year.


Kareemsworld: How (NOT) to Build a Bike

This week’s Kareem’s World is basically a PSA on why you should support your local bike shop… because they can build your bike better than you can. Thanks for tryin’ Tom Dugan, it takes a village.


Dobie Does Liverpool

We helped Hobie hop a plane to Liverpool to get loose with the Dub dudes and all we got was this stupid video (we kid, it’s raily raily good).


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