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Joe Simpson 2017 Video

One of our NZ killing it between LA, Austin and home turf. Flip variations, whips both ways, and some of the most stylish decades in the game. Last clip is a great example of reverse spot usage!


Reynolds Roast

Shout out to da one and only Clint Reynolds for taking TOP honors at the POSH High Air Jam this weekend. Musta been some good juju in that fresh C.C.R. he just built up. Roasting by Reynolds, edit Father Johnson.


Mackellar’s a Killer

Jonny Mackellar throwin’ the mack down in this Welcome to S&M edit expertly filmed and edited by James Fox. Jonny joined the rest of the Australian Shield Squad on a trip earlier this year but thanks to a nudge from the boyz at Backbone BMX, he’s now officially one of us. Without further ado… herrrrrrrrrrrre’s Jonny!


Live Free or Die

This one’s gonna spread some serious stoke… a Stew Johnson production featuring Clint, Matty, Nutter and Co. is currently underway. “LIVE FREE OR DIE” – dropping this December…


Leftover Craig Dawgz!

Craig holds it down for the shield in Long Island but these are some bangin’ leftover clips cover Locust Valley to Austin, LA and everything in between. Buy a copy of the full video here to see what did make the cut, Craig’s part is nuts!


Feel My Chest Muscles

Clint Reynolds, Matty Aquizap and James P. Nutter made this moving picture back in Twenty Fifteen and they wanted to chuck it on the interwebs, so carve out a half hour, grab refreshments and enjoy! And just quietly, this may be a tease for #ShieldBMX video from cha boyz coming soon so keep ’em peeled.


Leftover Hot Dogs 02

The second installment of our Leftover Hot Dogs mixtape series, this time featuring Kareem, Derek, Keith Hartwell, Mike Vitatoe and many more! Buy our new DVD here if you are still hungry after these leftovers.


Leftover Hotdogs Mixtape 1!

While we celebrate the release of the Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read DVD, we must pay tribute to the clips that for whatever reason (audio issues, keeping the run time low, editor was stoned) were left on the cutting room floor. Here’s round one of this mixtape series of Leftover Hot Dogs featuring Hoder, Trevor Sigloch, Def Paul, Dan Norvell and Hobie Doan! More soon!



There’s a certain manuscript in the works that is sure to delight @sandmbmx fans young and old, and we’re on a mission to include any S&M related tattoos you may have forever marred your skin with. The deadline for these images is Aug 11th. Here’s some tips on how to submit your shit:

  • If you’re using a phone, take the photo outside or near a window with daylight (just make sure the light source is the sun). If you’re using an actual camera, daylight, indoor with a flash (as long as the flash is even and exposed well), or even a proper studio photo if you have that option.  
  • Don’t use a fisheye or any lens attachments. 
  • Have the tattoo fill as much of the frame as possible, since phone photos aren’t the highest resolution photos to begin with, we don’t want to crop any more than we absolutely have to.
  • Make sure the camera is focused on the tattoo and not something in front/behind it… hey, it happens.
  • Compose the photo straight on, avoid shooting from any angles.
  • With the tattoo filling as much of the frame as possible, try to keep the background as clean and simple as possible, white is ideal—so try to find a blank wall, tape some white paper up, etc…
  • Email the photo full size to —don’t text it, because the file size gets compressed.
  • Include your name and where you’re from in the email subject so you can participate on the wooden watches we are given out as a giveaway.


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