Shout out to the Solstice! Our main man Jonny Mackellar making the most of some cooler temps in Canberra and firing out this radness over the last couple weeks. All you Aussies best bundle up – Backbone got you. Shop Bossman Tyson with the film/edit credit plus a bonus podcast with J Mack. Indulge amigos!


Harry Barrett – Estates With Mates!

Harry went ham for his new 4down part with a ton of futuristic moves in the streets of London. Enjoy and subscribe for more! filmed by Tom Horton


9 Acres – Doyle Rules!

Team Halahan hit the Wheelmill for some off-season fun and enjoy a chance meeting with tailwhip sensei and resident legend Chris Doyle. Progression ensues and siblings shred! Follow the boys on IG for more.

Filmed by Murphy Moschetta / Edited by Charlie C.


Dirt Rules!

After close to two-years of C*vid-induced isolation, it was time to get the band back together. The plan? Assemble at Clint’s compound to shred the Bear Bowl and roast Northeastside, then jump in the bus to head to PA for the Posh/Catty Jams, followed by a final leg at 9 Acres and adjacent dirt churches. The result? A trip for the books. With Stew Johnson behind the camera and Clint Reynolds, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Matty Aquizap, James “P” Nutter, Ever Peacock and Lukas, Nate and Shane Halahan in front of it… a (dare we say it) instant classic is born. Huge shouts to the entire Northeast trail community for the hospitality and BMX in general for the stoke. Dirt Rules!


9 Acres – Quick Hits with Clint!

The Grand Daddy of Deah, Clint Reynolds, visits the Halahan fam at 9 Acres in this bonus episode featuring “Found Footage” from this past fall. Filmed around the same time as our upcoming Trails Vid “Dirt Rules!” which drops right here on March 16 at 7PM EST. Filmed: Murphy Moschetta Edited: Charlie Crumlish


Nathan Goring – Estates with Mates

filmed by Tom Horton in and around London – recent team addition Nathan Goring came through with some incredible moves sans-pegs for his Estates with Mates section. Enjoy!


Fathead: Estates with Mates

filmed by Tom Horton in and around London, Fathead’s timeless style and trick selection matches the gritty brick architecture in the spots perfectly. Attaboy!


Factory Friday: Red, Zinc and Blue!

welcome back to Factory Friday! this week we have more ATF’s back from paint, pitchforks back from rustproofing, some Hoder Sky Highs going back to the paint shop, and lots of bikes going out the door!


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