Aryei Levenson 2021 Part!

Our first round draft pick Aryei Levenson came to California and went crazy for 3 days filming a whole video part. Kid’s gonna be spooky good – shiiiit, he already is.


Krone’s Bones are Healed!

420,000 wrist curls later Dave Krone’s scaphoid has healed and he’s back on the bike. Here’s some post-rehab shreddage, anyone dealing with wrist issues hit Dave up for some knowledge!


Slidepipe V2 Out Now!

The S&M Slidepipe V2 is a heavy-duty, portable BMX rail designed and built to withstand the rigors of even the heaviest street riders. Oversized, steel bases and commercial-grade, rubber feet keep the rail firmly in place while uprights made from square, steel tubing won’t allow bases to twist, even without hardware! The super-strong, extruded, center connector has a thick spine featuring tapped threads that won’t pull out, plus a reinforcement plate that spans all four connecter bolts for added strength. Available in Adjustable and Non-Adjustable versions!


Chris Childs “NO EXIT” Bars out now!

We are proud to present Chris’ first signature product with S&M, the No Exit bar!

East Coast street stalwart Chris Childs’ Signature Bar pairs tried and true angles with classic S&M tubing for strength. Featuring a slightly narrower box than the Hoder High Bar, the No Exit is tailor-made for folks who turn up for clicked turndowns.

RISE 9.125”
WEIGHT 2.40lbs


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