Slidepipe V2 Out Now!

The S&M Slidepipe V2 is a heavy-duty, portable BMX rail designed and built to withstand the rigors of even the heaviest street riders. Oversized, steel bases and commercial-grade, rubber feet keep the rail firmly in place while uprights made from square, steel tubing won’t allow bases to twist, even without hardware! The super-strong, extruded, center connector has a thick spine featuring tapped threads that won’t pull out, plus a reinforcement plate that spans all four connecter bolts for added strength. Available in Adjustable and Non-Adjustable versions!


Chris Childs “NO EXIT” Bars out now!

We are proud to present Chris’ first signature product with S&M, the No Exit bar!

East Coast street stalwart Chris Childs’ Signature Bar pairs tried and true angles with classic S&M tubing for strength. Featuring a slightly narrower box than the Hoder High Bar, the No Exit is tailor-made for folks who turn up for clicked turndowns.

RISE 9.125”
WEIGHT 2.40lbs


James “Jimmah” Pease 2021

Jimmah kills it! If you haven’t heard of him or seen his riding before, you’re in for a treat.

Filmed by: Lil baby Paul (Paul Cooper), D. Street (Dylan Steinhardt), Techman(Jack Murnane), Jahmint (Ben Meranda) and Ben Norris (Ben Norris)

Edit by Charlie C


Justin Shorty “Cool Beans”

J Shorty is one of the most underrated street riders out there, so many unique setups handled with ease. A great example of simple tricks done well.


Lukas and Nate Halahan in Austin TX

It’s been awesome to watch these kids progress and grow up over the last few years, and we are stoked to be hooking them up!

Lukas and Nathan are currently on an extended road trip in Austin Texas, so expect more videos like this from their journey down the road.

Follow the boys on IG: @irodetoday


Credence 2021 Mixer!

Happy woods Wednesday! Clint laced this piece together with assorted members of the Credence crew, including Matty Aquizap, Nutman420, Ever Peacock and more shredding all over the damn place.



Today we are hyped to announce DGAF has been added to the pro team! He went crazy on his bike filming this video, well deserved Dan man.

filmed by Justin Benthien
edited by Charlie Crumlish


Dave Krone’s Golden Nuggets!

Dave has been rehabbing hard for the last year or so after two wrist injuries and one surgery set him back a bit. The good news is, he’s back on the bike cruising around and getting back into it. He’ll be back to top form soon, but until then – here’s some top shelf nugs to help ease the wait until he’s back to 100 percent!

It’s also his birthday! go shoot him a follow and some love:


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