Sheep Jammy Jam

Sure this video was filmed three months ago at our “Behind the Shield” book release jam, but we figured taking our sweet ass time to put it out was a’ight, since… you know, we took our sweet ass time putting out “Behind the Shield.” We wanted to post this today though, to remind everyone we’re congregating at Sheep tomorrow, Oct 26, to ride for Boozer. See you there!


GRILLED – Mike “Hucker” Clark

Wanna new BUILD? Den you about to get GRILLED. Welcome to the first installment of GRILLED, a new video interview series designed to let you get to know the S&M Familia a little better. First up is Hucker, who apparently isn’t above shitting on his friends in the shower? Tune in for that little “nugget” and more as he builds up a fresh hot pink HUCKER frame.


S&M NBD x Krone

Dave Krone sliding thru with a little sidewalk surfing on his sig NBD frame in this sick, self-edited joint.


Get a (Clint Reynolds) Grip!

We’ve been workin’ on this one awhile (and it’s worth the wait), so please allow Clint Reynolds, and his lovely assistant Georgie, to introduce you to your new, favorite, flanged grip — Made in the USA of course. Stick around for a roast through the Reynolds Compound and then make your way to the market for some Merlot…


“Number One” Mixtape / Happy Birthday Hoder!

It’s Mike Hoder’s birthday so we decided to drop this as a surprise gift to everyone! Here’s new sections from Hoder, Mike Stahl, Kareem, Trevor Sigloch and Keith Hartwell! We’ve been working on releasing more “mid-length” videos like this as opposed to filming and saving footage for a few years to do a full length. What do you guys think? Want more of these? Let us know!



Aryei on the Eighteen

Aryei Levenson, a.k.a. Ripe Lyfe, just turned 13 and built up 20″ Whammo. Here’s a stack of sick Insta clips of our boyeee on his 18″ ATF for archival purposes, ’cause you know you’re gonna wanna look back at this ‘ish and say you knew ’bout him when….


Lil’ Slice of Bevan

Get this man a beverage! Bevvy… Australia’s resident Kiwi, Bevan Cowan, braaappps around Melbourne in true Bicycle Motocross / Shield-approved fashion. Heavy Bevvy!


Raj Dawg’s Rig

James P. Nutter’s pup, Raja, knows a thing or two about scrubbin’ jumps, which is why we decided to giver her a colorway of Nutter’s sig frame, the M.O.D. Watch Nutter and Raja cruise 9th Street Austin, and then support a dude and his dog by copping the coolest colorway in the game. The M.O.D. is available in Raj Dawg, Flat Black and Gloss Clear.


Kareemsworld: NORA Cup Special

Our Building Boys were well represented at this year’s NORA Cup awards, and you already know Kareem will give you his (last) two cents on the results. Shouts to @ourbmx!


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