Pounding Beer Run

We didn’t even tell ya’ll about the first run of our POUNDING BEER forks because the damn things sold out faster than 25 cent Tecates on Taco Tuesday! Luckily, the stock has been replenished and your insatiable thirst for a 29″ fork you can RAISE UP with pride can be quenched. Cheers!


Steel Panthers on the Prowl

Prowling BMX tracks, easily preying on weaker Asian varieties, the American STEEL PANTHER is King of the CrMo race frame jungle. And unlike it’s predecessors the 38 Special and Speedwagon, it’s not named after a cheesy rock band from the 80’s. Some notable improvements from the Speedwagon include: Additional bend in seat-stays for greater chain clearance, integrated chain tensioners in drops and slightly lower stand-over. Here’s Moeller’s prototype all built up. Hit the frame section for the kitty porn pics.


Doubles Biking!

badmatty was visiting charlie in buffalo for a few days and they went to work at bmxfu’s private ramps, x games vert doubles style!


Introducing the Twitchfork!

We’ve been tossing around the idea of a steeper offset, street fork for awhile now… so we sought some rider input and made it happen! Introducing the Twitchfork, a super-responsive, fast-turning and nose manual-ready fork possessing all the strength you’ve come to expect from our products!


Align your Spline!

Looking to save weight and give your drive train a cleaner look? Well, the newly released OEM Cranks and the L7 Sprocket is be the way to go! This crank features a 48 splined, 19mm spindle that is compatible with the spline driven L7, leaving you with a clean look without the need of a sprocket bolt!


Don’t Forget a Rubber!

Never leave home without a spare rubber or you might find yourself missing out on the action. Now in stock, we got all size rubbers no matter how big or how small your equipment is!

Available in: 12″, 16″, 18″ 20″, 22″, 24″, and 26″ just add air!


Trevor Sigloch “I Need Dubs”

Been sittin’ on this one of Trevor Sigloch sittin’ on dubs for a minute now, but today’s the day Trevor’s 22″ footy finds its way onto the World Wide Web. If you have been itching for a 22″ check out the links to Trevvy’s 22″ build below.

Frame: ATF for 22″ wheel Fork: 22″ 26mm Widemouth Bars: Hoder High Stem: Shredneck Wheels: Revenge OEM 22″ Wheelset Tires Front/Rear: Speedball 22″x2.40″ / Speedball 22″x2.25″ Cranks: Fit Indent 24 Cranks Sprocket: 25T Tuffman Pedals: GNS Seat: Fat Pivotal Seatpost: Long Johnson Grips: Hoder


kaREemKAP of 2018 BMX

Happy 2019 fam! But before we move on, Kareem takes five minutes to recap some crap from last year…


Merry BMXmas!

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at S&M!



Kareemsworld Kristmas!

A mere six days ’till Christmas, Kareem Klaus drops in, with a gift idea or two, for your next of kin. Share this vid with your brother, your cousin, adult kids… but don’t show your mom unless she’s down with fire mids. And if you’re fully stocked on Shield stuff, and don’t need to share, Merry BMXmas to you… have a Happy New Beer!


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