When you’re mobbing with the Fit and S&M boys, the camera never stops rolling. Take a look at the raw, uncut timeline from the “It’s All The Same Shit” video.
Featuring: Tom Dugan, Brad Simms, Justin Spriet, John Nelson, Coltin Knudson, Mike Hoder, Mike “Hucker” Clark, “DGAF” Dan Norvell, Aryei Levenson, and Kareem Williams.


“Number One” Mixtape / Happy Birthday Hoder!

It’s Mike Hoder’s birthday so we decided to drop this as a surprise gift to everyone! Here’s new sections from Hoder, Mike Stahl, Kareem, Trevor Sigloch and Keith Hartwell! We’ve been working on releasing more “mid-length” videos like this as opposed to filming and saving footage for a few years to do a full length. What do you guys think? Want more of these? Let us know!


S&M in Seattle Video!

Grab a cold one and chill out with 12 minutes of the boys killing it on street, park, and at the Shire Jam! Hosted by #KAREEMSWORLD featuring Hoder, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Andrew Schubert and Dave Krone! Filmed by everyone, edited by Charlie.


Leftover Hotdogs Mixtape 1!

While we celebrate the release of the Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read DVD, we must pay tribute to the clips that for whatever reason (audio issues, keeping the run time low, editor was stoned) were left on the cutting room floor. Here’s round one of this mixtape series of Leftover Hot Dogs featuring Hoder, Trevor Sigloch, Def Paul, Dan Norvell and Hobie Doan! More soon!


Hoder in Da House

We have a hard time keeping Hoder’s ish in stock, but we just reupped on BTMs and HODER HIGHs if you’ve been itching to procure either. They’re both available in Black, Trans Sky, Trans Blue, Trans Red, Trans Green and Trans Gold and the BTM comes in Trans Fade too. Cop ’em while you can kids!


This BTM is Faded

Hoder’s sig frame, the BTM, now comes in a combination of two of the most coveted colors it comes in… Trans Gold and Trans Sky Blue. Hit the flipbook if you’re looking to get faded on the daily.


Fathead, Hoder and Moeller living that front porch life in Austin. Somebody get these boys some sweet tea!

Ausome, Texas


We wanted to send a birthday shout out to Mike Hoder who turns 27 today. While we’re at it, Mike Hucker turned 26 on Saturday – so a big fat Feliz Cumpleanos going out to him too. Pretty wild that S&M Bikes was conceived ’bout the same time these dudes were!

Happy Birthday Mike(s)!


Mike has made his way west for a couple weeks and is currently holdin’ it down at S&M HQ, workin’ on a couple things… so Hoder fans have that to look forward to.

Hoder West Coast


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