S&M in Seattle Video!

Grab a cold one and chill out with 12 minutes of the boys killing it on street, park, and at the Shire Jam! Hosted by #KAREEMSWORLD featuring Hoder, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Andrew Schubert and Dave Krone! Filmed by everyone, edited by Charlie.


Ice Picks and Tobbogans Up North

The snow may be melting, but those crazy Canadians are still ice picking and tobboganing everything in site. Here’s a couple shots of Barnes and Schubert gettin’ busy in the Great White North.


And it’s here, Andrew Schubert’s welcome to S&M Canada edit! He churned this out quick smart after getting the gig, but you can’t tell… Schubert coming through!

Andrew Schubert Eh?