When you’re mobbing with the Fit and S&M boys, the camera never stops rolling. Take a look at the raw, uncut timeline from the “It’s All The Same Shit” video.
Featuring: Tom Dugan, Brad Simms, Justin Spriet, John Nelson, Coltin Knudson, Mike Hoder, Mike “Hucker” Clark, “DGAF” Dan Norvell, Aryei Levenson, and Kareem Williams.


Leftover Hotdogs Mixtape 1!

While we celebrate the release of the Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read DVD, we must pay tribute to the clips that for whatever reason (audio issues, keeping the run time low, editor was stoned) were left on the cutting room floor. Here’s round one of this mixtape series of Leftover Hot Dogs featuring Hoder, Trevor Sigloch, Def Paul, Dan Norvell and Hobie Doan! More soon!


Dan Norvell Doesn’t Give A Heck

Here’s some flaming hot Cheetos of our man Dan Norvell to tide y’all over until we finish up this upcoming S&M full length video, stay pitted tuned!


Norvell. What a Danimal!

Dan Norvell pretty much kills it. He’s filming for the DVD and you guys are gonna be pumped on what he puts out. We’re pumped on how much madness he’s subjecting his HUCKER setup and prototype forks to — talk about field testing. Get it Dan!