Fathead: Estates with Mates

filmed by Tom Horton in and around London, Fathead’s timeless style and trick selection matches the gritty brick architecture in the spots perfectly. Attaboy!


Fathead Bling

Just a little out and about in the UK streets with Alex Barton-Holme, a.k.a. Fathead. One day, one sesh, one love.


Fathead Advert

Fathead ad in the new RideUK. Steeziest whops in the game.


Fathead & Sharkbait

Jeff “Sharkbait” Robertson was sighted at The Building yesterday. It seems he’s migrated back to Cali and was hungry for some new bars. Because Fathead was on hand to help him, he not only scored a pair of the Englishman’s signature Fathead bars, but a complimentary, OSHA-approved fitting of them as well.


Fathead, Hoder and Moeller living that front porch life in Austin. Somebody get these boys some sweet tea!

Ausome, Texas


Head over to rideUK to download this wallpaper of FATHEAD and then consider yourself warned… we’re importing Alex Barton-Holme to the U.S.A. and bringing him to Austin next week.

Fathead Comin’ Through


This here is an edit of the “Making Of” Fathead’s Albion interview. It’s a James Cox production, so you know it’s solid. Sweet shredding with some classic Fathead quips. Good shit.

Fat-headit x Albion


Alex “Fathead” Barton-Holme has his head in the new Albion, and is wrapping an edit up to accompany it. Love his work, so we’re looking forward to bringing more of it to you on Monday!

Fathead’s in Albion


We’re pimping Fathead and his bars out in the Albion this month. Anyone opened their wallet and thrown down any cold hard cash for Alex Barton-Holme’s sexy bars yet?

Fathead For Hire


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