GRILLED: Chris Moeller and his MD2020

Chris gives you a sneak peek at his upcoming MD2020 frame and drops some knowledge about the history of S&M! Shout out to Dee Schneider!


Chris Moeller: 48 Something

48 years old, fake hip, no signs of stopping: Chris Moeller aka Mad Dog aka the boss man committed to filming a clip a day for a month and he killed it!


Fathead, Hoder and Moeller living that front porch life in Austin. Somebody get these boys some sweet tea!

Ausome, Texas


Defgrip posted a By The Numbers with Moeller yesterday. Head over there and check it out if you’re lookin’ for tips on how to sear a steak.

By The Numbers: Chris Moeller


The Revolt Jam was fun and a good reason to haul ass and jump off a weird ramp!Chris Moeller

(Editor’s note: While we can confirm that Mr. Moeller enjoyed himself at the Revolt Jam in the Santa Ana river bed, the resulting inner-thigh gash he sustained was revolting).



TransWorld Business is making an effort to pull back the curtains and shine a little light on the corner office so that you can hear first hand from the CEOs and masterminds what really goes into making sure that your favorite brands and products continue to thrive. Recently we had the opportunity to talk with a great name in BMX, Chris Moeller, CEO of S&M Bikes/Fit Bike Co. Moeller has been immersed in the world of BMX since he was young and his passions for it shine through in the success of his brands. But enough from us, let’s hear what he had to say: (more…)

Transworld Business: Corner Office


This will be fun… One thing that gets Christopher Lawrence Moeller tight, is seeing his face on the computer. So for every download, that’s just one more grey hair on homeboy’s head. Or you can just save this dope Chad Johnston desktop if that’s more your steeze.

Gettin’ Tight


as_bmx_moeller_200If anyone knows what it’s like hustle in the BMX biz, it’s Chris Moeller. He’s been running and operating S&M Bikes out of California for over 20-years now! I’ve heard plenty of people describe him as a work-a-holic, someone who is obsessed with BMX and a passionate soul who is always on the strife to better his company and BMX. He does this while keeping all the S&M productivity done in-house and American made. If it wasn’t enough overseeing one company, he’s also the owner of Fit Bike Co. too. Talk about time management skills, overseeing all this would make anyone a work-a-holic. But knowing Chris, it’s doesn’t seem to phase him and in fact, sometimes he doesn’t even see it as work. FULL STORY HERE.

Job Title: CEO

Description: Owner and Chief Executive Officer of S&M Bikes/FITBIKECO.

Years you’ve owned S&M and Fit: We started S&M Bikes in 1987 and FITBIKECO. In 1999.

Worst job before doing S&M? I never had a job I didn’t like before I startedS&M. I worked at BMX Action Magazine, GT Bicycles, and the American Freestyle Association…and they were all fun jobs.


ESPN: “On The Job with Chris Moeller”