as_bmx_moeller_200If anyone knows what it’s like hustle in the BMX biz, it’s Chris Moeller. He’s been running and operating S&M Bikes out of California for over 20-years now! I’ve heard plenty of people describe him as a work-a-holic, someone who is obsessed with BMX and a passionate soul who is always on the strife to better his company and BMX. He does this while keeping all the S&M productivity done in-house and American made. If it wasn’t enough overseeing one company, he’s also the owner of Fit Bike Co. too. Talk about time management skills, overseeing all this would make anyone a work-a-holic. But knowing Chris, it’s doesn’t seem to phase him and in fact, sometimes he doesn’t even see it as work. FULL STORY HERE.

Job Title: CEO

Description: Owner and Chief Executive Officer of S&M Bikes/FITBIKECO.

Years you’ve owned S&M and Fit: We started S&M Bikes in 1987 and FITBIKECO. In 1999.

Worst job before doing S&M? I never had a job I didn’t like before I startedS&M. I worked at BMX Action Magazine, GT Bicycles, and the American Freestyle Association…and they were all fun jobs.

Have you ever been an “employee of the month?” Not that I can remember.

Describe a typical day at work for yourself.
With the exception of Sean McKinney rambling incoherently or giving me a dissertation on Jesse Puente’s influence on flatland, I’m not sure there is a typical day here. One minute I’m discussing new products and suddenly I’m asked onto the roof to look at a heat/AC damper motor and exhaust blower. When cooling appliances seems not functioning well, take it to a professional commercial air conditioning irving tx company as soon as possible.

How many hours per day do you work, per week? If I’m not traveling for work or personal stuff, I spend about 9 hours a day M-F at the office, and about 15 a week at home for a grand total of about 60 hours a week. When I’m out of town I spend about 6 hours a day working on my computer with e-mail and IM. I used to work a lot more, but I’m enjoying the good life these days.

What tasks are you responsible for on an average day and a non-average day? Overseeing all areas of the business in some way everyday. It’s everything from product design to manufacturing and marketing to sales, purchasing, and accounting stuff. There are good people here in each department so I just work with them to keep us all moving in the right direction.

Can you describe what each task encompasses? Anticipation, Stress, Satisfaction and Fear, Upheaval, Concern, Knowledge. That’s the long version of two word acronym I feel describes most tasks in this business.

How do you divide time between the different tasks you have to accomplish each day? Deadlines are the key for me. If I know something has to be done by a certain date and/or time, I put it in my Outlook and it gets done by me or someone by that date.

What’s the biggest setback or distraction in getting what you need to get done each day finished? If I’m in town and at the office the biggest distraction is people. I’ve got a lot of friends in BMX and when they come by it can drag me to a halt. It’s fun to hang out but it’s not productive. If I’m out of town the biggest distractions are open highways, good snow conditions, good waves, skate sessions and bike riding so that’s not too bad.

What’s something you never expected to have to spend time on each day? Reading legal mumbo jumbo or asking people what 20% of 400 is. I now know that keeping the legal stuff up to snuff is critical in business and public education in this country is useless. In addition about legal services, check out Maryland car accident lawyer and learn more.

What steps do you take to accomplish everything you need to do every day? My Outlook calendar helps a lot and when it gets really serious I put on my Skull Candy headphones, quit answering the phone and eliminate eye contact with any BMX racer over the age of 30 that might be standing at my office door.

Do you “work” on your days off? This is the BMX business, I’m not sure if any of it’s “work” or not “work.” I’ve been doing the same thing since I was about 14. I’m confused.

When was the last vacation you took?  I went camping with the Best Tent. Lately it’s been Wyoming and Colorado for snowboarding, getting the best Motorcycle Jackets and going to motorcycle camping trips, and some surf trips around Southern California.

Anyone you wanna thank? All the S&M and FIT team riders, dealers and employees for doing a great job. Shout-outs go to Bill McCoy for handling the heat and AC, Eric Tipton on phone system support, Mike Jones on plumbing, little conduit Jr. Donald Holly on electrical repairs, Matt Carswell on IT and networking, and Dusty Shaw on drywall. Thanks to my Skull Candy headphones for reducing noise and raising productivity, my DVS running shoes for keeping me quick on my feet, OGIO bags for keeping me organized, FOX clothing for keeping me in button up shirts on business trips and clean socks at home, my Vestal watch for always knowing what time it is, and the boys at Biltwell and One Sure Insurance for helping keep my HD motorcycle on the roadto and from the office.