Big Mike Bike Check

Hoder has a bike check up on Ride that you should definitely check out if you want to know what the big man runs to get the job done. We poached a few of Jeff Z.’s pics to put here… but make sure you check out the rest on RIDEbmx. Oh and that Mainline 2.425 tire Mike’s running… they’ll be available in just a couple short weeks.


Beringer Bike Check

Matt cruised through Cali a couple weeks ago, so we threw his bike in the “board room” bowl and shot some happy snaps. Beringer’s always an original, and his M.O.D. setup is no exception.


Clint Reynolds Bike Check

Clint recently welded up a new C.C.R., rattle-canned it camo and got right to roasting. He broke the new beaut in on a trip to Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago, so check back tomorrow for moving pictures of that!


Z shot a sweet bike check of Reynold’s CCR that you should definitely check out over on the Ride site. Clint talks about welding his own frames (he’s coming out next week to lay some beads in Santa Ana) and the new Credence Turtleneck stem too, so if you wanna know more about dat, you know where to go.

CCR Check


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