If you can’t find a bar that’s right for you, or you want to try something new, you can now order a custom S&M handlebar directly from us. Start by picking one of the following base models that is close to what you want and customize it using the options available for each. Each base model bar will have a different set of options, but the end result will always be the same – a high-quality Made in USA bar suited specifically to you and your style.


Width, rise, and the size and shape of the box are determined by the base model handlebar that you choose. Once you pick your base model, you can customize the aspects of the bar listed below:

Material: How burly do you want it? For most people, the standard straight gauge .065″ 4130 CrMo is perfect, but if you want it extra strong, go for .083″, or if you want to shave weight, pick the XLT butted option on the Race bars.

Up Sweep and Back Sweep: These are the critical angles that determine how a bar feels. Go from stock to plus or minus 4 degrees to fine tune it.

Cross Bar: Skinny (5/8″), normal (3/4″), or fat (7/8″), it’s your choice.

Finish: We currently only offer custom bars in Matte Black or Unpainted.

Warranty: Warranty coverage on custom handlebars is the same as warranty coverage on stock handlebars. Please be aware no charge replacements will only be made with stock bars. Cost replacements on custom bars within warranty period will be done at a 25% discount. We can also do no charge repairs on custom bars within warranty period where applicable. Return shipping to S&M Bikes will be customer’s responsibility.

Select one of the base models below to get started building your Custom S&M Handlebar.

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