Alex L.Z.

Alex Barton-Holme a.k.a. Alex L.Z. a.k.a. Fathead is #goals. As much as we enjoy watching him ride his bike, this scooter edit was pretty sick. Hey Alex L.Z. if your YouTube channel blows up maybe you could ask your fans if they could use some custom bars?



Oh Baby

The Moeller twins, Jeri and Kaci might only be 18-months-old, but they already know a thing or two about repping the Shield! Wanna match your mini-me? Grab yourself and your little one an O.G. Jersey while supplies last!



Dark Roast

C.C.R. frames are back in stock (or were when we wrote this… they go fast) and the latest version has an engraved shovel headtube, threaded cable stops and comes in perhaps the best color call out ever… Dark Roast. Also buzz-worthy is the fact that boys brewed up a Credence XL 9.25″ bar – so check that out too! The frame and bars also come in Flat Black and Chrome.


Slide Pipe Slippin’

It was a mad dash to deliver the goods by Christmas, but the first batch of American-made Slide Pipes made it out the door at the tail-end of 2015. Here’s an edit of dem S&M boyz putting the prototype through some rigorous testing before the final version came out. Learn all about the SLIDE PIPE here. Got one already? Show us your #slidepipe on Insta!



There’s been some flatland fever running hot around The Building the past couple weeks. Here’s some INTRIKAT action outta the UK courtesy of James White and we’re in the process of uploading a new one from the Great White North’s Peter Olsen as we speak too. More mad creativity popping off on everyone’s favorite stripped-down, straight-forward flatland frame!


Go Derek

Derek Dorame dropped a new one over on the TCU that you should watch fo sho!



Dagger Swagger

S&M is a rider-run enterprise, and we ride it all… rails, trails, flatland and park. Problem was, we didn’t really have a low-slung park frame in our arsenal for dudes like our Q.C. craftsman Tyler Halvorsen. Tyler is a great park rider, so when we took a stab at designing the Dagger, we solicited his input to dial ‘er in. Read all about it over on Ride’s Know Your Roll feature on the frame… The first run is available in Chrome, Gloss Black and glow-in-the-dark Sublime.


Charlie in Charge

The Come Up did a podcast with Charlie when he was in town filming with the team for the full-length last month, so check it out if you’re looking to learn more about the man! Topics include how he ended up biking for S&M, dick blood and runnin’ FU-BARS real forwarrrrrd. Oh, and if you missed it and are interested, watch our animals out in the wild on the S&M x ONSOMESHIT WEEDISODE that dropped last week.


Fathead’s Empire

Why would an Austin, Texas-based shop and mailorder like EMPIRE BMX bother associating with a loudmouth lad from the UK like Fathead? Good question, probably for the same reasons we do… everyone loves a good LOL!


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