A few honorary Long Beach Boys bring the Good Vibrations with this one! Team Canada (Bonesaw and Schubert) came down to soak up some SoCal summer at the Ambrose’s new Long Beach digs for a week last month, and between them, Hobie Doan (who also happened to be in town) and Keith Hartwell cruising up the coast, a little impromtu Shield Shred-Fest ensued. Schubert edited it up a treat too, so dig in!


Clint Van Damn Son!

Clint Van Damn Son!

The Reynolds wrapped up the Van Doren Invitational atop the seaside podium this weekend! Clint’s signature moves helped him qualify first and finish second in the super heavy field. Cash that cardboard kid!



A Bunch of Bowlshit

Your reigning No. 1 Dirt Rider of the Year, Clint Reynolds, will be putting on a concrete performance this week at the Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach, Calif. Between bowling and getting his mad scientist on at Hucker’s Dirt Lab, Clint will surely be spreading the stoke around SoCal… and on the LIVE WEBCAST this weekend.



Whoa Vitatoe!

We were doing a little World Wide Web work on today and realized we hadn’t given the homie Mike Vitatoe his due shine! Mike’s been reppin’ The Shield in Cinci for us via Spun for a minute now and dude’s been doing work on his TALLBOY frame. Shouts to Troy Merkle for capturing the rail to bar radness.



‘Merican Made

Give some ups to mom and pop when you wear this ‘Merican Made tee to tout your independence this Fourth of July! Available via our webstore for $17.99 in white or black.


Mound Up

Some of our main dudes have been doing big things on dirt mounds in recent days. Hucker and Co. unveiled this awesome Dirt Lab where the Mike “The Mad Scientist” Clark has been cookin’ up his moves for X Games in Austin this weekend. Meanwhile, Clint Reynolds and the Credence Crew were building and sessioning said X Games course. The Big Show goes down on Sunday, and with Mike in the main event, and Clint first alternate, there’s an excellent chance you’ll see some Shield shine.


Boozer’s Damn Fine Jam

Boozer’s Damn Fine Jam

The Shield Brethren was in fine form for our boy Boozer’s Jam at Sheep Hills this past weekend. Hucker went ham, Butler blew ’em away and Balls and Maddog were bustin’ threes! Freddy Chulo manned the mic and there were more classic S&M characters in attendance than you could shake a stick at. Having a couple #BuildingBoyz there in Brian Foster and Van Homan went over pretty well too! Apart from our Sales Squad breaking themselves off, the jam was a massive success. Boozer still has shirts too, so support a homie and hit him up on Facebook to score one for yourself.



Boozer Jam Saturday

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Sheep Hills in H.B., Calif. on Saturday, you better be making your way to the Boozer Jam! We’re raffling all sorts of serious awesomeness off to raise some cash for our homeboy, so come ride, watch and win!



What the Chuck?

RIDE ran some riddles by Charlie Crumlish, so if you need to know what’s good with the dood, get your hands on the Mirra Issue of the mag. And if you’re in NYC, we just shipped Chuck north to take the streets by storm with Craig Passero. Stay tuned for details on meeting up with the dudes in the NorEast in the next couple weeks.


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