Team Credence’s trails are no joke. Here’s a Dig Exclusive following Matty and Clint through the madness that is the Speedball line.

New Mexi Co.


Derek Dorame, our main man in New Mexico, and his homie Adam Accardi droppin’ a little heat in the Southwest streets! Derek’s making the pilgrimage to Toast this year, so keep an eye peeled for our dude! And if you live in NM – make sure you hit up the Chip Yer Toof Jam in Santa Fe on Nov. 1!

Interrogating Hoder


Jeff Z. made his way to Washington where he’s hanging with Hoder working on a future Ride interview. As one might expect, it got nutty… but more on that later. Dig just posted this re-up of a 2012 interview they did with big man and it’s definitely worth revisiting!

The Stoke is High


Team Credence, Raja the dawg and the veggie van are en route from Tejas to the woods of PA. If you see the Turtle Bus out there on the interstate, give the boys a honk! Get in on the adventure by following credence_bikes!

Where the Heck is Hucker?


Our boy Hucker is so busy gettin’ rad, we can barely keep track of what he’s up to! We do know he’s in the UK now and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing him go ham at the Red Bull Quartermasters tomorrow. Mike was in France to defend his VANS Kill the Line title in France last weekend and qualified first but ended up 7th overall. No biggie though, watch a few episodes of his web series Rattitudes and you’ll see there’s no feeling sorry for this fool… he’s doin’ the damn thing! Have fun Hucker!

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