If you’ve got plans to be anywhere but our 30 Year Shindig on June 10/11, you’ve got just over two weeks to change them. Party Prep is in full swing… the A-team is getting ready to start building the dirt mounds at Milestone MX, Crumlish is wrapping up “Hotdogs Who Can’t Read,” and Hoder and the rest of the squad are starting to migrate to SoCal. Check the flier for details and hit us up if you’ve got any questions!


Say What?!? Sprocket Sale

Trail bosses, consider this your public service announcement… we’re selling 19mm L7 Sprockets for less than it cost us to make them! That’s right… you can cop these sprockets, available in Red, Gold, Black and Blue as well as in in Shield, Rasta, Camo and BTM-wrap for $24.95. That’s more than half off!


Pedal 101

Lightweight, strong, and down to get its (adjustable) traction on… the 101 Pedal is back! This classic, compact, 101mm square-platform pedal has fewer traction pins to reduce weight but comes with screw-in pins to pop in where you want ’em. It’s made of reinforced, cast-alloy to prevent breakage, is 9/16″ and available in black.


10 Most Influential S&M Riders?

We’re busy gathering intel for the 30 Year book over here at HQ and one thing that’s become abundantly clear is that everybody’s got a different take on who the most influential team riders have been over the years. What do you think? Poll on our Facebook.


Hella Hoe Down

Our Oz boyz – Tim Boorman, Bevan Cowan, Xave Koen and Will Gunn – with a classic one. Crack a beer and join ’em!


You Tired?

Time to tire up Shield Soldiers! We just got re-upped on rubber, so if you’ve been waiting on the MAINLINE in 20″ or 22″ or after 22″ tubes – we gotchu. ‘Till they sell out again that is…



March brings the wind, you don the Shield. Introducing (or rather reintroducing) the WINDSHIELD, our newest windbreaker that’s so hot, the first batch blew out of here before we could even tell you about ’em.  Available in Camo, Navy and Black, these 100 percent nylon jackets have cuffed sleeves, a drawcord at the bottom, are mesh lined and designed to “shield” you from the elements. Grab one today before they’re gone again!


Shredy or Not

SHREDNECKS just dropped in RED and PURPLE. You know… for those of you with some flair.


Hey Shawty

It’s Valentine’s Day, so do Shorty a solid and hit that play button!


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