Trevor’s Sick Lots!

Señor Sigloch has been reppin’ The Shield for a minute, but he hadn’t put out an official SyM edit till now! Enjoy this body of work and brace yourself for more from your main man Trev in the DeeBeeDee that drops in June 2017 (we promise).


Sponsor Me

Want to get sponsored by S&M? Kareem, Hoder, Hobie and Charlie show you how it’s done. Follow their advice and you’ll be living ‘high’ on the hog in no time.


Vlog Jam

Kareem and Charlie came through Cali last week, and while they were out here, they thought they’d try their luck huntin’ Vloggers. Looks like da boys filled their tag…


The Name Game!

Show ’em who smokin’ em! Pre-order our new-and-improved Retro No. 1 Jersey between now and Nov. 15 (for mid-Dec. delivery) and we’ll throw your name on the back for $FREE.99! Old-school design, new-school, astronaut-approved, moisture-wicking mesh and longer cut – all we do is WIN WIN WIN! (NOTE: we don’t discriminate – your name long? It’ll get in where it fit in – the letters might just be a wittle smaller).


Jam on It Edit

Here’s a moving picture from our Nightmare on Lyon Street Jam over the weekend. Hoder went ape with the glue gun to craft that Geico Money Man suit with his HODER GRIP packaging, so push pause after Trevy humps the bars 17 seconds in and admire his handy work. Shouts to Evan’s Brewery for the beer and everyone who came for the camaRADerie!


Hoder / Crumlish / Party

Two of The Shield’s finest, Mike Hoder and Charlie Crumlish, will be in the house this weekend for our NIGHTMARE ON LYON ST Jam. We’ll have a 10′ quarter, a box jump, Slidepipes and hotdogs to session starting at 4pm and fellow #BUILDINGBOYZ (Fit’s Tommy Dugan, Brandon Begin, Ethan Corriere, Morgan Long and Justin Spriet) will be debuting their recent project FIT HORROR PICTURE at 7:30. Wear a costume and bring your bike!


BTM Built for a Bosshog

Linwood “Bosshog” Monk, who recently relocated to Long Beach from the Beast Coast, started showing up at The Building with his boy (shredder and our new customer service man) Mike Stahl several weeks ago. After he arrived at Interbike with a wild tale about getting his steed stolen while he was sleeping on it in a homie’s hallway, getting the Bosshog rolling again with a Trans Blue BTM build we’d built for the booth seemed like the most logical course of action. Looks like he’s puttin’ it to good use!


What A Nightmare!

You and a few hundred of your closest friends are cordially invited to get weird at our “Nightmare on Lyon Street” Jam being held on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 4pm. Shred the slidepipe with the pros, inhale some hallo-weiners and then stay for a secret screening of a non-disclosed moving picture premiering at 7pm. Wear a costume if you want a shot at winning a new whip, ’cause we’ll be rewarding radness in the dress up department. 1300 S. Lyon Street, Santa Ana, Calif – see you there!


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