Dagger Swagger

S&M is a rider-run enterprise, and we ride it all… rails, trails, flatland and park. Problem was, we didn’t really have a low-slung park frame in our arsenal for dudes like our Q.C. craftsman Tyler Halvorsen. Tyler is a great park rider, so when we took a stab at designing the Dagger, we solicited his input to dial ‘er in. Read all about it over on Ride’s Know Your Roll feature on the frame… The first run is available in Chrome, Gloss Black and glow-in-the-dark Sublime.


Charlie in Charge

The Come Up did a podcast with Charlie when he was in town filming with the team for the full-length last month, so check it out if you’re looking to learn more about the man! Topics include how he ended up biking for S&M, dick blood and runnin’ FU-BARS real forwarrrrrd. Oh, and if you missed it and are interested, watch our animals out in the wild on the S&M x ONSOMESHIT WEEDISODE that dropped last week.


Fathead’s Empire

Why would an Austin, Texas-based shop and mailorder like EMPIRE BMX bother associating with a loudmouth lad from the UK like Fathead? Good question, probably for the same reasons we do… everyone loves a good LOL!


Dirt Dynasty

Clint Reynolds roasts. Hear from his peers why they were stoked he earned No. 1 Dirt Jumper of the Year honors at Ride’s NORA Cup awards this year.


Hucker Goes Hollywood

Mike Hucker and Corey Bohan take Sydney by storm in this six-minute rework of the 80’s cult classic “BMX Bandits” and you’ve got to watch it! If it wasn’t obvious Hucker was stuck in the 80’s before, this seals the deal. Good stuff!




There’s been a lot of purty ladies popping up in the S&M Owner’s Group lately, so if you’re partial to perusing bike porn, set aside a little time to get a good look. You’re welcome.



Deah Clint!

Clint Reynolds collected some hardware for the “Boys in the Woods” when he took home Nora Cup No. 1 Dirt Rider last night. Stoked for him and also for Hucker who was nominated too and had that cup on lock the three years prior. Team Shield’s dirt game is strong! Proud of you boys!



Tryin’ Their Luck

We plucked Clint, Matty and Nutter out of the PA Woods and dropped ’em in Vegas to try their luck at Nora Cup tonight. The boys’ DIY video “Feel My Chest Muscles, I’m a Trail Builder” is up for the video of the year and Clint (and Hucker) are battling it out for Dirt Rider of the Year. Here’s hoping someone on the Shield Squad gets luckier than these boys did at the Hard Rock!



Get a Pair!

Mike Hoder’s signature grips are made in the USA by ODI from a Super Soft compound for the feel Mike wanted. At 31.5mm they are a little Bigger Than Most to help cushion some of Hoder’s infamous landings. Head over to The Come Up for a review on these bad boys by Adam 22.



Bevan Cowan is a Kiwi on a walkabout. He’s been mostly Australian-based for awhile now, which is where most of this edit was filmed. Regardless of where in the Southern Hemisphere Bevan’s shredding, he sure gets rad in this one!


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