Deah Clint!

Clint Reynolds collected some hardware for the “Boys in the Woods” when he took home Nora Cup No. 1 Dirt Rider last night. Stoked for him and also for Hucker who was nominated too and had that cup on lock the three years prior. Team Shield’s dirt game is strong! Proud of you boys!



Tryin’ Their Luck

We plucked Clint, Matty and Nutter out of the PA Woods and dropped ’em in Vegas to try their luck at Nora Cup tonight. The boys’ DIY video “Feel My Chest Muscles, I’m a Trail Builder” is up for the video of the year and Clint (and Hucker) are battling it out for Dirt Rider of the Year. Here’s hoping someone on the Shield Squad gets luckier than these boys did at the Hard Rock!



Get a Pair!

Mike Hoder’s signature grips are made in the USA by ODI from a Super Soft compound for the feel Mike wanted. At 31.5mm they are a little Bigger Than Most to help cushion some of Hoder’s infamous landings. Head over to The Come Up for a review on these bad boys by Adam 22.



Bevan Cowan is a Kiwi on a walkabout. He’s been mostly Australian-based for awhile now, which is where most of this edit was filmed. Regardless of where in the Southern Hemisphere Bevan’s shredding, he sure gets rad in this one!


Atlantis Vancouver Street Jammin’

We piled a whole load of fools in the van and sent them up and down the West Coast to get weird for two weeks. They succeeded and ended wrapping things up at the Atlantis Street Jam in Vancouver. Charlie got down, filmed and edited this one for TCU, Trevor Sigloch got in there too and Kareem, well, he just kept the weirdness on a roll. Shout out to BC!


Norvell. What a Danimal!

Dan Norvell pretty much kills it. He’s filming for the DVD and you guys are gonna be pumped on what he puts out. We’re pumped on how much madness he’s subjecting his HUCKER setup and prototype forks to — talk about field testing. Get it Dan!



Hucker’s Silverware

Huge shoutout to our main man Mike for winning the silver at XGames dirt in Austin over the weekend! As Hucker might put it: stoked! Also awesome to see Reynolds rock the roll in rockin’ the Shield too. And while we’re wrapping up acceptance speeches, none of this would have been possible without the shovel skills of Dirt Sculpt Dave and our very own Matty Aquizap and James P. Nutter. Last but not least, Darryl Nau held it down on camera in a big way too! Very extreme boys, very extreme. Thank you. Good night. Photo: Pavia



Hucker’s X Games Silver

Somehow, some 30 years in… an S&M rider had never actually won an X Games medal. Mike “Hucker” Clark changed all that when he nabbed the Silver in BMX Dirt in Austin in June 2015… shit, up until the last second, it even looked like it was gonna be a Gold. Regardless, we’re proud as punch of our main man Mike. Good stuff dude!



Reynolds on X

A few of us are here in Austin to heckle Clint Reynolds and Mike Hucker from the sidelines when they ride XGames dirt this weekend, so expect more updates from Tejas to come. In case you missed it, ESPN sent Stew Johnson out with Reynolds earlier this week to survey the damage to Credence HQ (and Clint’s top secret training center) after last week’s flooding, which is pretty wild. You can watch that here.


Like… DEAH

Clint and Co. speak a whole ‘nother language – both on the bike and off. If you follow Credence on Insta, you may or may not already know the essence of #deah. Either way, make sure you watch these “Feel My Chest Muscles, I’m a Trail Builder,” leftovers cause they’re like, DEAH. Oh, and if you haven’t added the DVD to your collection for a mere $4.99 yet, very un-deah.


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