Like… DEAH

Clint and Co. speak a whole ‘nother language – both on the bike and off. If you follow Credence on Insta, you may or may not already know the essence of #deah. Either way, make sure you watch these “Feel My Chest Muscles, I’m a Trail Builder,” leftovers cause they’re like, DEAH. Oh, and if you haven’t added the DVD to your collection for a mere $4.99 yet, very un-deah.


Darryl Nau – Welcome to the Main Stage!

Two hands coming together make a wonderful sound, so lets give it up for the newest member of the Shield Squad, Darryl Nau. Enterprising Emcee, International Playboy, and All-Around Good Human… who wouldn’t want a dude like that repping your wares. Shield-adorned fanny packs and Hammer pants coming soon? Welcome to the team Darryl!

Hoder on TCU TV

If you’ve got an hour-plus to spare, this is a good watch. Leave it to Hoder to spend $500 at an open bar.


Tan Dat…

Lookin’ for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ that’s sweet, tan and just the right thickness – these American-Made leather coasters fit the bill. Bonus: they go good with beer. Nab ’em in our webstore or get your shop to grab some! They’re going fast!


King Huck

You know that massive dirt-hucking event Cam White throws in Australia every year? Well, Hucker went and won the damn thing again. He’s earned King of the Hill honors at least four times now… maybe more? We lost track. Looking forward to the footy of the lumber’huck’ual in action! Congrats Mike… on the win and that beard!


Southern Hemi Shreddie

Clint, Matty and Nutter just spent a week getting radical with co-Credence crewmember Jared Carter in Australia and there’s photographic proof over on


Dat Good Wood

Dig just posted a re-up of a Cam Wood piece that appeared in the mag a minute ago. Cam is one of the most creative guys in the game on and off the bike. Don’t forget to stop by the Wood Shop if you’re ever in Salt Lake City!

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