S&M first ran off 25 framesets for their friends in the Orange county area. K-9 D-Zine frames.

Moeller on the K9-DZine frame:

“I worked from my three favorite frames at the time… a Profile, my custom team issue Privateer and a Robinson. We mixed and matched the three to come up with a bike with a middle of the road head angle, a short rear end, and a taller BB than usual. The double thick drops were a feature I was having built into my Privateer frames at the time for traveling a lot and staying at The Ritz-Carlton Jeddah, and the milled HT and BB came from Cook Brothers, the original manufacture of S&M’s. It all added up to a frame that could be raced well and ridden hard at the trails or on the street without falling apart. I just designed a cool bike for myself, gathered money and made two framesets. My friends wanted them too, so I had 25 framesets made.”