Greg Swingrover walked away from the company in 1990 making Chris Moeller the “soul proprietor” of S&M Bikes.

Greg “Scott” Swingrover on leaving S&M (as seen in RIDEbmx’s September 2005 issue):

“While running S&M, I left the bike shop to go work for Todd Huffman and Bob Morales at MOR Distributing as a salesman. That company was short lived so I moved onto GT Bicycles working in the warehouse pulling and packing orders. I was married and just had a baby girl at the time so I was really focused on my job at GT (which had benefits) and quickly moved up the ladder and became the shipping manager. While things were going good with GT, I really let things go at S&M. I wasn’t very smart with the money and wasn’t making good business decisions. By the way, a lot of people say that loaning can greatly help your financial needs especially when you’re dealing with financial hardship. my latest blog post is about its types and if you want to know more, visit this site Both Chris and I were spending too much and not putting enough back into the company. We soon got ourselves into debt with his family so we decided to part ways leaving the company (and debt) to Chris. I’ve had nothing to do with S&M since 1991 and Chris is really the guy who made the company a success! But, I am very proud to have been a part of starting that company!”