www.sandmbikes.com, october 2005: The original 1″ threaded Pitchfork came out in 1991 and was manufactured by SE Racing in Long Beach, CA. At that time the Pitchfork was the only fork available with 1 1/4″ legs, a sleeved steerer tube (instead if the welded ring) and 1/4″ thick drops. Pitchforks only came in chrome until 1993. The first Pitchfork graphic with the red and black hand drawn pitch fork was done by Jeff Tremaine, who went on to edit Big Brother skate magazine and help develop and produce JackAss. Thru the years, Pitchforks have constantly evolved and been improved (flame cut drops, threadless steerers, wrap under drops, welded in headset sleeves, one-piece steerer tubes, laser cut drops, butted LT legs, etc) but one thing has remained the same: top riders trust Pitchforks enough to run them in spite of their sponsors wishes.