Matt Felbaum’s Original 1in Holmes circa 1993

Latrobe, PA
all kinds of OG and vintage parts.
About Your Bike
Bought this frame and fork set in 1994 off a friend after delivering ALOT of newspapers to get it. it also came with a set of now original slam bars too. I've rode it for most of my riding career actually, there was times it was put in a corner or closet in favor of something newer but somehow i always ended up back on the good old trusty holmes. i even bought an over sized one when you first put them out and i still have it too. this is has as many of my OG parts i have managed to hold on to over the years on it. it has an old GT plastic seat, some ramdom seat post, GT seat clamp, S&M Slam bars, DK stem, ordinary 1in headset, Pitch forks, OG Redline flight single pinch bolt unsealed cranks with original flight sprocket, GT platform pedals, Diacomp tech 77 lever, Diacomp 990 U brakes, Peargrine super pro 48 spoke wheels with high flange hubs, Standard axles, ACS claw freewheel. im riding a mutiny eden right now and i wish i could get a holmes frame thats the same identical dimensions as this original but with the same bottom bracket as the mutiny, intergrated headset and intergrated seat post clamp. this is my idea of the ultimate frame.