Sometimes you guys send in questions. Less frequently, we answer them. Here are 5 questions and 5 responses.

Do you have plans on making other parts in the U.S.? Like brakes, rims, levers, hubs, tires and so on. Sure would be cool to be able to build a mostly or all U.S.A. Made bike. – F-bom bikes

We’re with you on wanting to make as many parts in the U.S.A as possible and are constantly exploring ways to do that. It ain’t always easy, but nothing good ever is.

Are chainstay brake mounts available for custom frames? – Adam G Corcoran

Not right now, simply because we don’t have a base model frame with a chainstay mount at present. There’s a very good chance that will be changing should we make the new Credence CCR frame a base model once that’s released.

Will you make a perfect 10 4-piece bar custom? – Tyler Hansen

Custom bars have to be built from one of our base model bars and right now there is no S&M 4-peice bar to choose from. So no, not right now. Lo siento!

Will you void your warranty if you drill your head tube for gyros? – Tommy Whitcomb

As long as you do it well, no. That said, we don’t recommend it. You can always send your frame here and let us do it for you for a small fee. Obviously if your poorly drilled gyro holes are the reason you’re seeking a warranty replacement, that ain’t gonna fly.

When are you going to make cranks and wheels? We all want them! – Blake Walters

Revenge is the semi-official rim of S&M Bikes… so we run those and Fit cranks around here. We don’t have any immediate plans to make S&M cranks or wheels around here but you never know what we’ll cook up in the future! S&M tires are in the works though!