We get hit up by people who say they want to work at S&M all the time. Here’s more on some people who have worked for us for forever and what to do if you want to too.

Who is the company’s longest standing employee? – Gordon Reilly

Technically, Chris Moeller since he’s been clockin’ in since Day 1. Next in line would be Jason Ball, who runs our machine shop, since he moved to California from Colorado to ride and work for S&M almost 20 years ago. FatBMX did a piece on Jason a couple years ago that details what he does around here from day to day. Namely, making the best bikes in BMX.

Still made in the U.S.A. right? – Ster Geo

Yep! Still made in the U.S.A. by Jason Ball (see above), Matt Ludwig, Ryan Russell, Sergio Mendoza, Gene Yarnell, Rita Alvarez, Bill Southem, Dat Tran, Rodrigo Contrearas, Alberto Gazca-Meijia, Javier Gutierrez, Margarito Martinez and Felix Rios. In addition to manufacturing frames, forks and bars in our shop, we use local Santa Ana, California vendors to create several of our other S&M parts.

How do i get a job with you guys? – Gunnar Jacobs

You can head over to our JOBS section to see what we have available and apply. Right now we could use a Graphic Designer and an Online Intern.