Don Stone’s Holmes 22

Manteca, CA
S&M Holmes 22 frame 21.5TT, S&M Pitchfork 22 forks, S&M Grand Slam bars, S&M Shield print Enduro stem, S&M Long Johnson seatpost, S&M pivotal kevlar seat,S&M shield print XLT seatpost clamp,S&M 25T Tuffman sprocket, S&M shield print Profile hubs with 9T driver, Revenge ARC rims with Sapim spokes and multicolored alloy nipples, Colony Transformer V2 lever, Colony Transformer U-brake, Multi colored Nokon brake cable, Speedline sealed headset, S&M lock on grips, Profile 175mm cranks, Profile mid BB, sealed FIT Mac alloy pedals, Shadow Conspiracy Interlock 2 half link chain, Faction F22 tires, Man -O- War tensioners.
About Your Bike
Well here's the dealeo.......Anyone and I mean ANYONE who's looking for one hell of an ass kicking, name taking ride, BUY A 22 NOW!!!!!!!!!! Dont get me wrong, I love 20's, such a blast, love 24's, great for cruising and commuting as well. But if you want something new, something that cruises well for longer rides, yet handles awesome with good handling, this bike will fill that bill. My first ride on this bike was the coolest spin I've taken in many, many years. Feels different, but grows on you quickly. This is my go to bike now, EVERYONE who loves BMX of ANY kind needs a 22. Im no pro, just a lifelong rider of anything with 2 wheels that needs legs to go. Trust me on this, you will LOVE riding a 22, especially if your an older rider who wants to feel the quickness of the 20's and still be comfortable if you roll to work. Im stoked beyond belief with this bike, I honestly cant see buying anything other than a 22 from here on out. S&M fucking nailed it on this bike.