Edwin Mann’s 22″ holmes

kingman Az
s&m f/f/stem/spc/post/seat/badge, fit bars, Profile/S&M wrap hubs, revenge rims/h.s., cultVans grips, primo hollowbites/ebrake,pmc washers, NokoN cable, ody ghost pads/stradle rod kit/lever ,shadow chain, sapian dbl butted spokes
About Your Bike
i wanted the "borrowed" from the factory look; snuck out the backdoor like. UNFINISHED!
"one piece at a time"-johhny cash style
chemically stripped all powder coats, de-anodized and polished the rims (even reused factory decals), brake, and lever half. stripped/brushed 100+links of NokoN cable & made cable float against frame. relaced rims w/ custo dbl butted spokes. dremel'd out the bar ends to glue in old quarters (you know with the eagle on it). flix trix grip for cable end. D.I.Y. skinwall tires. added pewter shield badge. located some rare pmc washers and a odyssey stradle rod kit. mixed the Redneck top with the Enduro base to flip stem.
✭ rides like magic ✭
✭ truley the missing link in bmx!!! ✭
thank you S&M -xoxoxoxoxoxo- edMann