Ian Fleing’s Intrikat

London. England
S & M Slam bars,Fly bikes stem, Odysey seat, St Martin post,l cranks forks Premium Products pedals Redline,
About Your Bike
My Nephew gave me most of his old premium three ring and using that and a bike i found in a park(redline triple cross), i got my first working bike in years, i wanted a flat/street bike and always loved the s & m so started badly wanting an intrikat, i still own a early 90's dirtbike (in parts, will one day rebuild) the slam bars are from that. anyway found the intrikat on e bay for £250 and here i am on my way to a nice looking bike, its not perfect by any means or quite what i want it to look like, but it is rideable and i am having a lot of fun on it.