Jerry’s Intrikat 19.5

Bakersfield/Holtville, CA
Flatware Hobby bars 0 sweep, Flatware Cufflinks grips, WeThePeople metal barends, Odyssey Monolever, Odyssey Evo 2 Brakes, Odyssey SLS Cable, Flatware stem, Odyssey headset, carbon headset spacers, Primo Strand V2 forks, Odyssey Hazard Lite wheel, Odyssey Vandero 2 front hub, Flatware Thunderbolt cranks, Odyssey Killington 25t sprocket, Odyssey Twisted pedals, Primo Mid BB, Odyssey Aitken pivotal seat, Odyssey Convertible seatpost, Odyssey Bluebird chain, Proper rear rim, Primo rear spokes, Federal V2 freecoaster, Gsport Plegs, Odyssey Path 1.85 tires
About Your Bike
A super solid flat/street machine. It has the best of both worlds - the durability of a street bike with the responsiveness of a flatland bike.