Jesse James’ S&M Stricker

los angeles, ca
S&M, profile, odyssey
About Your Bike
This is a bike, these are the parts
Frame: 21" josh stricker
Bars: fit benny with odyssey adam banton grips
stem: S&M redneck XLT
Forks: S&M pitchforks XLT
Cranks: profile
Sprocket: S&M tuffman 28t
Seating: odyssey senior 2 with macneil post
Chain: prototype invisi-chain (it snapped...i ate shit)
Brakes: obviously not on at the moment but odyssey evo 2s with linear cable and a lever i found in my garage
Tires: 2.25 odyssey aitkens
Wheelset: get ready for it.......... stock as shit

i ride dirt and this frame is perfect for it longer rear end feels more stable going over gaps and its as tuff as a chihuahua on steroids. i hate park sometimes street and i haven't grinded anything since i saw the episode of scarred where the guy clipped the rail and tore his nut sack open