Kaleb’s 1998 S&M warpig

original odysey hazard rim and hub, 90s seat, S&M pitchfork, ACS mag front wheel, gt handle bars demolition brakes, FSA cranks and bottom bracet
About Your Bike
i got this warpig with no stickers from my naber who used to race ride flatland and vert he was just throwing it awy along with an original odysey hazard hub and rim so i took it sanded it because it was powder coated and i could not get it sand blasted then i painted it and i rode it for two years but i finnaly found the warpig decales for it on S&M bikes. com and all and all it came out to 31 pounds and can jump it over 20 foot gaps my warpig is my favorite bike out of the 10 that i have its also the heavyest but its my favorite.