Steve York’s 03 Josh Stricker

Stafford, Connecticut
Fit fork and cranks (both first gen), Solid headset w/TREE topcap, Redneck XLT, Dive bars, Shadow sprocket and Shadow Ti post w/S&M Slim seat, S&M clamp, Fit sealed 14mm hubs, Sun Big City hoops and Ti spokes
About Your Bike
I saw this bike on craigslist and when I responded I found out that it belonged to a high school friend of mine. It needed an overhaul so I went ground up. I decided on a Silver Vein powdercoat and then added some shield print ... it came out excellent.
S&M is one of those companies that gets in your blood and never leaves ! The S&M shield is an icon in BMX and the standard of quality by which every other American bicycle company should be measured. When you own and ride a S&M bicycle it gives you the feeling that you belong to it and you're part of something. I'm proud to be a fuckin American haha, and to have a U.S.A. made piece of S&M 4130 to ride whenever I want !