photo: BMX PLUS!

“In the mid ’90s, a rider by the name of Troy McMurray emerged from the Denver, Colorado scene. Troy rode everything and rode it good. But he wasn’t about to fall in line, cover his shirt in corporate sponsors or do whatever tricks would earn him the top spot at a Bicycle Stunt contest. In simpler terms, Troy was (and still is) as raw they come. With dreadlocks and the name McMurray tattooed across his stomach, Troy was seen by many as a more versatile version of S&M legend Dave Clymer, so it made sense when Troy joined the S&M Bikes team in the mid ’90s. Riding a 19″ top tube S&M Sabbath in pro park and dirt comps in between filming video parts for Graveyard and Jinx Clothing, people took notice of Troy’s legendary riding and antics. Troy went on to get a signature frame from S&M (the War Pig), along with signature shoes from Puma. He was also part of the first generation of brake-less (and sometimes peg-less) street riders, innovating moves such as truck driver fakies and 360’s to smith grinds,throwing bar spins over insane gaps and even riding to Lionel Richie in pro street comps.” – Brian Tunney from ESPN Tough As Nails/Troy McMurray

Troy is a classic S&M rider and a good dude who’s recently had a little medical scare. Although we all know he’s tough as nails and would be the last person to ask anyone for help, Ted Van Orman has set up a Fundraiser Webpage to help Troy during this rough patch.