Zac “Chef” Cook’s Hucker

Spokane Washington
S&M Pitchfork XLT-T, S&M Dictator Seat, Fit Bike Co Seatpost, Kink Wolf Bars, Premium 1948 Cranks, Eclat Headset, Eclat Teck Front Hub to Sun Envy, Eclat Pulse Rear Hub to Sun Envy, United Direct Tires, Sunday Freeze Stem, Profile Spline-Drive 28t Sprocket, Odyssey Twisted Pedals, ODI Super SOft Grips
About Your Bike
My bike's name is Kendra and I love her, she is dialed, mostly American and I keep her under me like I do my women. Waiting for some gyro tabs and maybe buy a spare set of dirt tires to throw on whenever I decide to get down and dirty with her. Most all my parts I order through my mini-sponsor: G.H.Y. Bikes in Renton, Washington. Hit them up if you ever want S&M parts!