Erik B.’s S&M Black Bike V1

Lakeside California
S&M Black Bike V1, S&M Pitchfork with 990s, Love Goat Stem, Cam Acura double seat clamp, DK seat n post combo, Volume bars, Toadstool grips, Poverty Freecoster laced to a BFR 48 rim, Primo tenderizer pedals, T-1 36 tooth sprocket, 4 T-1 pegs, Profile Crank, Revenge Brakes, Revenge tire, chepo XS front wheel laced to Ayara 48 with primo the wall tire an S&M top tube sleeve cover to cover up brake cables
About Your Bike
bike is from 03-04. i paid 60 bucks for this bike on craigslist from a guy named craig lol. bike is old 10 years about. had no pedals an a old primo rod n seat an a old dicta 77 lever. i will be throwin on the front odyssey hazard wheel from my 02 flybikes estampedia. Bike was built for flatland. i will be repaiting an re stickering the bike when i get the cash flow