Jacob Egan’s S&M LTF (Raw)

Victoria Australia
S&M LTF (Factory Raw) 21'tt, S&M Slam Bars, S&M Pitchforks, S&M Shield Wrap Challenger stem, S&M Coxie Director Seat, 25t Black S&M Tuf Man Sprocket, ODI Grips, Profile Cranks, Oddy evo Brakes, Oddy Hazard rims laced to Colony clone Hubs in Red, Eclat Red Seat Post, S&M Slim SPC, Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals.
About Your Bike
This was my first ever S&M, given to me for christmas in parts 2013. My dad and I built this Badboy up Christmas Day.

Best BMX I ever owned!

Thanks S&M, This is How I represent.

Jacob Egan