Jon’s S&M 38 Special 24″

Ventura, California
5.75" Race Bars, Race XLT Stem, S&M/ODI Clamp Down Grips, Shimano DXR Cranks & V-brake, Pauls Lover Lever, Sunday Headset, Sinz Stealth Carbon Fork, Sinz wheels & hubs, Tioga Sypder D Seat, Tioga Powerblock Tires, Knucklebone Number Plate
About Your Bike
Looking for a much better race frame, I picked up this red gem from a local racer, who got it from a guy who rode for S&M. I emailed the great folks at S&M to get some more info on the frame and check the serial number. Ryan Russell wrote me back and here is what he said, "It looks to be a 38 Special made in December of 2007. It probably did come from someone who knew or got hooked up from us. Stock, the frame did not come with a built in seat clamp, and red was not a standard color at that time. It was either a custom job we did or repainted later." Then I grabbed all the parts I could pull of my Podium and swapped a few more for color improvements and Whaa-laa!