Logan Kruesi’s S&M TallBoy 21.5

Albany, OR
TSC Vultis Bars 9", TSC Captive Fors set to 26mm offset, TSC Headset, TSC 138 Grips, Raptor Front hub/Alienation Deviant Rim, S&M SpeedBall 2.40 F/R, Fit Indent 24mm cranks and S/D Fit Key Guard, Stranger Native Seat, TSC Seat Post, TSC Interlock V2 Copper / Black, Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster/Alienation Runaway, TSC Slide Or Die Pegs x3
About Your Bike
Complete Street Destroyer and bad to the bone, LOOK AT THAT HEAD-TUBE, AINT IT SEXY?!