Ryan Cassidy’s BTM

Derby, KS
2014 BTM Frame in Trans Green, Odyssey R32 Forks, S&M Redneck LT, S&M Perfect 10's, Primo headset, Odyssey Hazard Lite 48 spoke Hoops (yup, 48's), Hoffman rear hub, Odyssey Hazard front hub, Odyssey Chase Hawks, Profile cranks and BB, Shadow V2 chain, Division Sprocket, Odyssey JCPC's, Shadow seat post, ODI's
About Your Bike
I had not owned a "new" bike since the 80's. So when I went on the hunt for a new frame to build up, S&M stood out and the BTM seemed like the perfect choice (and was). The only roadblock I ran into was I wanted the BTM painted the same trans green color used on the ATF. Called the dudes at S&M and they worked it out for me. Rides like a dream. Thanks guys! Can't thank you enough!