Clint G’s Credence

Anchorage Alaska
Credence frame, pitchforks, perfect 10's, Kevlar pivitol seat, S&M 25T sprocket
About Your Bike
I'm 40 and got back into BMX a few years ago. I started out with a heavy A** Ryan Nyquist Haro, then bought a WeThePeople Trust... after riding that for a year I decided to build a bike to fit me better. I'm 6'1"/ 240lbs, I needed something bigger than a 20.5" so I picked out this Credence 21.50"TT with 14mm dropouts to fit my style of riding. Next up on the wishlist is a polished Credence turtleneck, Hoder grips, and a big johnson seat post to complete my all S&M bike!