_kushalien’s Tallboy

Cochrane, Alberta
S&M, Eclat, Subrosa
About Your Bike
USDA Organic Street Killa

-S&M Tallboy 21"
-Ecalt Stream Forks
-Subrosa High life Stem
-Subrosa Bitchin Headset
-S&M Fu Bars 9" (bars shown are a mystery set I rawed a couple years ago. i think they're my old Fit Mac Bars 8.75" but I was drunk at the time and I can't quite remember)
-Eclat Tibia Cranks
-Fit Mac Plastic Pedals
-Eclat Vent Sprocket
-Eclat 4 Stroke Chain
-Federal Stance XL Rim W/ Federal V3 Freecoaster
-Mystery Front Wheel From Old Complete (threw the fucker on after i blew up my old Ceneca. had the peice of shit for a week, worst 80 bucks i ever spent. putting together a matching Stance XL build next paycheck$$$)
-Stranger Seatpost
-Fiend Fat Pivotal Seat (fuck that tripod shit)